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Image Price Description
46000.0000 USD Rare Dragoon Officer South Carolina Mint Blade
 Finest blade known Engraved Brass scabbard

34000.0000 USD Lady Liberty Statue hilt Col Pearson 10th & 31st Ill.
Col. Pearson rose in rank from a private to Brig. General. This Jeweled, Lady Liberty sword was Presented to him.

33000.0000 USD Leech and Rigdon -extra branch-etched ID- Hopkins
Blade etched Lt. Wm. C. Hopkins who served in the 36th VA Infantry, and later 14th and 36th VA cavalry

27500.0000 USD M 1840 Engineer officer Sword
M 1840 Engineer Sword.

26000.0000 USD M1840 Officer, High Grade, Non-Reg. Gen. Robert Cowdin
Mother of Pearl grip, Blade Presentation - Engraved Brass scabbard.

24000.0000 USD Gen. Hackleman Ind. KIA Corinth Miss. High Grade Pres.
 Presented 5 months before Hackleman was KIA -Corinth Miss.

23500.0000 USD M 1850 Staff & Field - Presented to Maj. Gen Curtis
a raroe find of a fighting generals field carried sword. M 1850 Staff & Field - Presented to Maj. Gen Sam Curtis Commanding S.W. Missouri 1862

23000.0000 USD Statue-Hilt, Clauberg Presentation -Dr. DeRolette
  Rare Roman Soldier Statue hilt-Gold Motto blade

18600.0000 USD Presentation Saber & grouping for Col. John Stover 184th PA
Confederate captured Saber, WORLD CLASS GOLD Corps badge etc. - Col. John Stover 184th PA. Antietem, Fredricksburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg etc.

17000.0000 USD CSA Staff & Field - College Hill - full etch blade
CSA Staff & Field - College Hill - full etch blade.

16500.0000 USD Etched blade Boyle & Gamble foot officer sword
 B & G foot officer with confederate flags and C.S.A. etched on the blade

15500.0000 USD M 1860 Cavalry Officer Saber - Ames - Block US etch
M 1860 Cavalry Officer Saber - Ames.

14500.0000 USD Hige Grade South Carolina General Officer Sword - rare
High Grade South Carolina General Officer sword of the earlier Medical Officer Sword Pattern- A very Rare example.

14000.0000 USD Super M1840 Artillery Officer Saber & Scabbard
  90% Gilt, Minty Blade With Rare Shark Skin Grip

14000.0000 USD Ames Medical Staff Model 1840-Lt. Col.Adam McLaren
 A regulation Medical sword with extensive finish work making this extremely beautiful and belonging to a U.S. Army Surgeon serving over 30 years.

12500.0000 USD Ames - Massachusetts -General Officer Sword
 Clam Shell Guard with Massachusetts state seal. Seal also on the blade and scabbard. Cast Silver grip.

12500.0000 USD M1840 Atrillery Officers* Saber
 The only S. H. G. Artillery Officer Known

11500.0000 USD Ames dated 1851 / inspected M 1850 S/F - ID W. A. Nichols
Ames dated / inspected M 1850 S/F - ID W. A. Nichols. Promoted to Major for gallantry in Mexican war, Later Col, General, AAG . U.S. Regulars

9900.0000 USD Ames Cavalry Officer with scarce,wide brass scabbard mts.
  -pictured pg. 90 C.W. Cav & Art. Sabers by Thillmann

9500.0000 USD B. Douglas Confederate Cavalry Saber
 B. Douglas Confederate Cavalry Saber / unmarked

9500.0000 USD Ames 1850 S&F - dated and inspected - ID to D.W. Flagler
Ames 1850 S&F - A rarity. A dated and inspected Ames with a blade presentation to D.W. Flagler. a West Point graduate CLASS of 1861. Fought Bull Run through Gettysburg and more.

9000.0000 USD Only known example 1865 dated Ames Cavalry Officer
Dated, inspected - One of only 44 ordered by the ORD. Dept.

8900.0000 USD Maker Marked - E.J.Johnston Artillery Short Sword
Only a handfull known w/ Johnston maker markings

8500.0000 USD M1860 Cavalry Saber-40th Mass-Eng. Battle Honors
    M 1860 Cavalry Saber of 1st Lt. Frederic E. Lowell - 40 Mass. Infantry. - Amazing engraving of Battle Honors, ID and an image of his Horse and attendant.

7900.0000 USD Nashua 1832 Foot Artillery Sword
Scarce,Nashua Artillery - Model 1832 Foot Artillery Sword. Nashua, New Hampshire

7500.0000 USD Sharp & Hamilton Confederate Cavalry Saber
Sharp & Hamilton Confederate Cavalry Saber.

7500.0000 USD M 1850 Foot Officer Sword - Bullet struck - very rare
Very rare example of a M 1850 Foot Officer Sword with Battle Damage consisting of a .58 caliber bullet strike in the guard.

6895.0000 USD Indian Princess officer sword by Horstmann
 Indian Princess with brass scabbard, bone grip

6850.0000 USD Ames General Officer sword -Orig. Brass scabbard
 Correct and Original solid brass Ames mkd.Scabbard

6800.0000 USD Mint Condition Horstmann M 1840 General Officer Sword
Mint Condition Horstmann M 1840 General Officer Sword. The best I have found in 50+ years of collecting.

6700.0000 USD Flying Eagle brass guard design with U.S. on the knucklebow
Blade identification to Lt. James E. Loyal

6500.0000 USD Ames foot Officer- Presentation - High Grade Brass scab.
M 1850 Ames Foot Officer Sword with highest grade brass scabbard Presented to Capt Kemp 1st regmt MVM 1869. Kemp started as a civil war private.

6000.0000 USD Confederate Foot Offcer Sword - Tilton Armory Ga. - Rare
Confederate Foot / Staff Officer Sword - Tilton Armory Ga. - Rare.

5950.0000 USD Confederate Foot Officer sword & scabbard
Confederate Foot Officer Sword With straight blade and scabbard.

5900.0000 USD General"s Militia Officer - USA etch
A high grade General"s sword -with original acorn sword knot used only by General"s. Unusual USA etch Indicating U.S.Army. Very seldom seen. Silver grip, engraved brass scabbard.

5900.0000 USD M 1834 General Officer Sword - Very Rare steel scabbard.
M 1834 General Staff Sword - This is the only example known with the Rare steel scabbard prescribed in the regulations. Former Dick Johnson collection.

5800.0000 USD Sheet silver grip Ames officer Cruciform guard
 Super condition - Sheet silver grip officer sword by Ames Mfg. Co. / Chicopee / Mass.
Minty blade

5600.0000 USD Cavalry Officer Presentation Lt. J. Foster Pope
Wounded at PETERSBURG 14th Mass 13th Mass

5400.0000 USD Drum Sticks presented Jesse Mills W/ Article & CDV +archive
GREATEST HISTORY-Drum Sticks presented to Jesse Mills - Original newspaper article of presentation & docs.

5300.0000 USD Presentation Grade - Non Regulation Staff & Field
Presentation Grade - Non Regulation Staff & Field.

5250.0000 USD M 1860 Cavalry Officer Saber - Presentation Grade
M 1860 Cavalry Officer Saber - Presentaion Grade

5200.0000 USD M 1850 Staff and Field - Presented to Capt Abercrombie-1861
M 1850 Staff and Field - Blade presentation to Capt D. P. Abercrombie - 1861.high quality, curved cavalry style blade with Roby"s finest etching.Presented by the Highland Cadets of Worchester, Mass.

4750.0000 USD Eagle officer"s sword for Militia Infantry - 15 Stars
The silver guard has very detailed casting and finishing work with pineapple quillons. 15 Stars.

4600.0000 USD CSA Cavalry Saber. Haiman style
CSA Cavalry Saber. Haiman product

4600.0000 USD Swiss Non Reg Staff/Field Presented to US officer.
   Swiss Non Reg Staff/Field Officer Saber Presented to Adj"t. Eisenwein by Lt. Col. Rader New York 1850

4500.0000 USD High Grade Clauberg M1850 Staff &Field-Silver grip
 High grade, Extra embellishment, silver grip

4500.0000 USD Rare 1834 Officer - Inspected on Ricasso
 Unusual maker & Inspector blade markings

4400.0000 USD 2nd Model Virginia Manufactory Cavalry Saber
2nd Model Virginia Manufactory Cavalry Saber. 4th VA Regmt.

4400.0000 USD Import Cavalry Officer Saber -Ames patent infringment-RARE
Import Cavalry Officer Saber -Ames patent infringement-RARE. This is one of the swords Ames complained about in his letters stating imports were copying his patterns.

4200.0000 USD McElroy Heavy Artillery Short Sword, wood scabbard
McElroy short Artillery Swords have no blade fuller

Currently showing 1 to 50 of 1451 items.

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