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USD 250000 Boîte de pistolets militaires de Nicolas-Noël Boutet (Armes d´Honneur)
Boîte de pistolets d´Honneur d´Officier Supérieur.
Platines à corps plat signées «Boutet Directeur» et «Manufacture à Versailles».
Chien en col de cygne avec crête galbée en volute.
Bassinet garde-feu¸ batterie en acier¸ arête sur sa face extérieure.
Rosettes porte-vis guillochées en contre-platines.
Canons à fines rayures¸ damasquin....

£ 150000 Sword of the bronze age
Sword accompanied with an important study with certificate of authenticity and with origin.

(Jacques Billen -Chambre Belge des Experts en Oeuvres d´Art Chambre Royale des Antiquaires et des Négociants en Œuvres d´Art de Belgique International Association of Dealers in Ancient Art (IADAA)).

219000 USD Lincoln Presentation to Senator Crittenden-carbine
The Most Historic Kentucky group- Carbine, Sword, Trunk, Familycopy of JJC memoirs, documents and a copy of the family Will

160000 Euro Fantastic box of Boutet pistols
Octagonal¸ micro-rifled¸ damascened barrels¸ fine engravings at the base and the two gilt stamps "BOUTET"¸ grooved from the tangs to the centre of the barrels¸ signed "Boutet A Versailles" among gilt ornaments¸ at the nozzles the effigy of arrow and the number "92"¸ yellow gold fore -and rear-sight; flintlocks¸ provided with anti-friction and sealing systems¸ signed "Boutet a Versailles" ....

£ 90000 Sabre de Récompense Nationale (directoire)
Sabre de Récompense Nationale (directoire)

Seul Nicolas-Noël Boutet a été appelé à fourbir ces armes de récompense.

Large lame de Kligenthal de 90 centimètres¸ pan creux¸ dos plat¸ biseau et pointe dans le prolongement du dos. Ces lames¸ comme le dit très bien Mr Ariés¸ rappellent les lames de chasseur à ....

£ 90000 Sabre de grand luxe français de général des chasseurs à cheval du Premier Empire
-Tradition numéro 115 ⁄ octobre 1996

-Les sabres portés par l´armée française-Jean Lhoste-Patrick Resek

- L´ouvrage du colonel Paul Willing du musée de l´armée NAPOLEON 1er et ses SOLDATS-L´apogée de la gloire 1804-1809

65000 £ Sabre of general officer vendémiaire AN XII of general Gudin
Sabre d to officiate general of the First Empire¸ variant of the model of the 1st vendémiaire the year XII¸ having belonged to General Pierre Caesar Gudin¸ Baron d Get worse¸ bronze guard chiselled and gilded by the statutory model¸ the knob chiselled by three stars¸ come from all sides in covered(marked out in squares) ebony; beautiful blade in damask wi....

40000 £ Marine´s Officer sabre¸ Prairial year XII
Marine´s Officer sabre¸ Prairial year XII

49000 USD Field sword of Christopher C. Augur-Brigadier Gen.
  General Christopher Columbus Augur -Great and long military history. Early Indian fighter, Mexican War, Civil War, Indian War.

46000 USD Rare Dragoon Officer South Carolina Mint Blade
 Finest blade known Engraved Brass scabbard

41000 USD Topographical Engineer M1839
 Styled from a M1833 Dragoon with an Extra Branch

£ 25000 Old Guard infantry superior officer sword (blade Duc)
Old Guard infantry superior officer sword (blade Duc)

34000 USD Lady Liberty Statue hilt Col Pearson 10th & 31st Ill.
Col. Pearson rose in rank from a private to Brig. General. This Jeweled, Lady Liberty sword was Presented to him.

£19,995 Cased pair of flintlock duelling pistols by Jover.
Cased pair of flintlock duelling pistols by Jover.

£16,995 New Stock A cased pair of Twigg duelling pistols
A cased pair of Twigg duelling pistols 15 ¼” overall. 10” octagonal barrels in 32 bore, adjustable fore-sight, engraved “Twigg London” on top flat, adjustable blade rear sight, barrel tang engraved with scrolling foliage, gold touch hole, Twiggs maker's mark and proof marks on the under side. Stepped flat lock plate with chamfered edges, lock signed “Twigg”, second style signature....

26000 USD M1840 Officer, High Grade, Non-Reg. Gen. Robert Cowdin
Mother of Pearl grip, Blade Presentation - Engraved Brass scabbard.

£ 15000 Forte épée d´officier de gendarme de la garde du Roy Louis XV
Forte épée d´officier de gendarme de la garde du Roy Louis XV

£ 15000 Paire de pistolets d´Officier de la garde consulaire de Boutet

Paire de pistolets d´Officier de la garde consulaire.

Platines à corps plat à deux épaisseurs signée Manufacture à Versailles «Maf re à Versailles» poiçonnées B.I au bonnet phrygien.

Batteries en fer avec arête sur leur face extérieure. Petit retroussis inférieur en volute.

Bassinet en fer equipé d´un garde-feu¸ chiens à....

£15,000.00 X X X RESERVED X X X Fantastic Silver mounted 19th century Shamshir sword, Complete with its original silver scabbard. Ref 4596
*** Please mention OldSwords.com when contacting this dealer. *** A Fantastic 19th century Shamshir sword with silver mounts. Complete with its correct silver mounted scabbard. Overall length approx 38 Inches. Very good condition. Ref 4596.
We can send any item overseas. We accept payment by debit card, credit card, or direct bank transfer. We make no extra charge for paying by card when you pa....

24000 USD Gen. Hackleman Ind. KIA Corinth Miss. High Grade Pres.
 Presented 5 months before Hackleman was KIA -Corinth Miss.

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£14750 Beautiful Antique Silver and Enamel Indo-Persian ´Rulers´ Sword.Wootz Steel
Quite simply one of the most beautiful swords, from the finest pedigree, that one can ever own. A Long curved, early antique Mogul blade showing fine Damascus of finest wootz steel [true Damascus] of the Kirk Narduban pattern, known as Mohamed´s Ladder. Solid silver hilt with finest blue Basse Taille enamel, likely from the 18th century. Considered by many to be, alongside the Samurai sword,....

23500 USD M 1850 Staff & Field - Presented to Maj. Gen Curtis
a raroe find of a fighting generals field carried sword. M 1850 Staff & Field - Presented to Maj. Gen Sam Curtis Commanding S.W. Missouri 1862

23000 USD Statue-Hilt, Clauberg Presentation -Dr. DeRolette
  Rare Roman Soldier Statue hilt-Gold Motto blade

£12,950 pair of Silver mounted Holster Pistols by Moore
 A superb pair of silver mounted brass barreled, flintlock holster pistols by Moore. 15 inches overall, 9 inch round brass barrels with 3 inch top flats engraved Moore London. London proof marks and maker’s Mark to left-hand side, light scroll engraving at breech and mid barrel. Rounded border engraved lock plates signed ’Moore’ broad sliding safety bolts, swan necked cocks, sem....

19500 USD Rare Ames M1840 type I - Artillery Officer Sword
  Mounted Artillery Officer - Ames type I

£11,995 Rare Pattern 1800 Ordnance Baker
A rare Pattern 1800 Ordnance Baker Rifle . 30" rifled 7 grooved barrel with ordnance proofs, folding leaf rearsight, Nock form breech, bayonet bar. The plain border engraved lockplate with ring neck cock, marked ’Tower’ across tail & crown ’GR’ together with ordnance stamp under pan. Walnut stock with BO stamp, regulation brass furniture including patch box & Iron r....

No single form or date can be given to the point at which the rapier evolved. However, accepting the common definition, this example comes very close to that point, retaining the principal attributes of the Gothic broadsword, straight cross guard and whee... (read more)

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£11595 Original Medieval Great Knightly Sword From The Era of The Battle Of Crecy
A magnificent and historical medieval sword. In excavated condition but extremely robust and very sound to handle. Oakshott type H pommel. From the time of King Edward IIIrd of England. Edward Plantagenet (13 November 1312

18500 USD Silver grip Tiffany Pres. to - VanBeck, 33rd MO
Silver grip Tiffany & Co Presented to Capt. Geo. VanBeck by Co. A 33 Mo. Vol.

£11500 German or Swiss Two Handed Sword (Hand & a Half Sword) With Flamberge Blade Circa 1570

An elegant German or Swiss two handed fighting sword (hand and a half sword) dating to the second half of the 16th century. A handsome and well proportioned weapon, well balanced, of high quality and in good condition.
These large swords were not just for two-handed use. They were designed to be used equally well with one hand or two by a trained user. In the 16th century these swords w....

This sword which dates to the second quarter of the 18th century is of a quality and exhibits artistry identified with a handful of makers. The hilt is of so called Glasgow form with strap like elements enclosing the principle panels. The back panel and t... (read more)

18000 USD High Grade Cav. Off. - Lt. Bamford - U.S.Hussars
High Grade Cavalry Officer - Presented to / Lieut. John Bamford / by / Co. H. 1st U.S. Hussars and dated on the scabbard reverse, March 13th, 1864

17000 USD CSA Staff & Field - College Hill - full etch blade
CSA Staff & Field - College Hill - full etch blade.

16500 USD Etched blade Boyle & Gamble foot officer sword
 B & G foot officer with confederate flags and C.S.A. etched on the blade

£ 9900 Sabre of the Volontaires Nationaux circa 1792
Sabre of the Volontaires Nationaux circa 1792.The guard depicts a lion standing on a winged dragon¸and holding aloft a pole which is surmounted by a Phrygien helmet¸which was a symbol of the revolution.Thegrip is of leather bound wood¸bound with brasswire. The scabbard is leather with brass mounts. All the sabre is in very good condition.

15500 USD M 1860 Cavalry Officer Saber - Ames - Block US etch
M 1860 Cavalry Officer Saber - Ames.

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£9450 Superb Double Barrel Wogdon Flintlock Of The Marquess Of Lothian
Probably made for General William John Kerr, 5th Marquess of Lothian (1737

14800 USD M 1814 Starr Cavalry Officer Saber - Rare
Very scarce M 1814 Starr Cavalry Officer Saber - A Rare opportunity to own one of our earliest cavalry Officer"s sabers

14500 USD Hige Grade South Carolina General Officer Sword - rare
High Grade South Carolina General Officer sword of the earlier Medical Officer Sword Pattern- A very Rare example.

£9¸000 Beautiful Antique Silver Indo-Persian Rulers Sword
Beautiful Antique Silver Indo-Persian Rulers Sword"

This is a long curved¸ early antique Mughal Blade and is very rare. It is almost last 17th and early 18th century old sword and belongs to North India (at that time). The Hilt of this sword is called kuftgari hilt and is Silver.

£8,995 New Stock Very fine, rare Pinch of Snuff military basket hilted sword
Very fine, rare Pinch of Snuff military basket hilted sword. 42” overall with 35 1/2” back sword blade with engraved panels signed ‘Andreia Ferara' on both sides. Hilt made up of 6 panels wit diamond decorated bars with narrow oval reign ring with forward guard bars and rear guard bar. Domed pommel with acorn finnule with shark skin grip with silver twister wire and foil binding with ori....

£8,995 New Stock Very fine ‘Pinch of Snuff’ Scottish officers sword.

14000 USD Super M1840 Artillery Officer Saber & Scabbard
  90% Gilt, Minty Blade With Rare Shark Skin Grip

14000 USD Ames Medical Staff Model 1840-Lt. Col.Adam McLaren
 A regulation Medical sword with extensive finish work making this extremely beautiful and belonging to a U.S. Army Surgeon serving over 30 years.

8500 Very Fine Indian Enamelled Tulwar Sword

$12995 USD Fine North European Rapier, ca. 1600
Fine North European Rapier, ca. 1600

Elegant iron hilt of rare Type 76 form (from Norman"e;s classification),
featuring long diagonally recurved quillons with chiseled orb finials. Pas
d"e;ane with single shell guard pierced and chiseled with guilloche pattern
framing rosettes. Three curved guard bars with central spheres chise....

£ 8000 Dague de Chasse en Argent Massif - Consulat
Dague de Chasse en Argent Massif - Consulat

£7,850.00 * * * A very rare Pair of Napoleonic Flintlock Blunderbuss Naval Pistols circa 1762-1793 "BRUNON CAEN" Ref 6557
*** Please mention OldSwords.com when contacting this dealer. *** A very Rare Pair Of French Napoleonic Naval Flintlock Blunderbuss pistols with brass barrells, circa 1762-1793. Manufactured by "BRUNON of CAEN". Most likely made for a naval officer as they are engraved with anchors on the barrel tangs. Silver wire inlay on the butts. Overall length 12.5 inches. Extremely good conditi....

12500 USD Only known example - Confederate Naval Cutlass
  Confederate Officer Naval Cutlass or C.S. Marine

12500 USD M1840 Atrillery Officers* Saber
 The only S. H. G. Artillery Officer Known

Currently showing 1 to 50 of 1405 items.

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