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160000 Euro Fantastic box of Boutet pistols
Octagonal¸ micro-rifled¸ damascened barrels¸ fine engravings at the base and the two gilt stamps "BOUTET"¸ grooved from the tangs to the centre of the barrels¸ signed "Boutet A Versailles" among gilt ornaments¸ at the nozzles the effigy of arrow and the number "92"¸ yellow gold fore -and rear-sight; flintlocks¸ provided with anti-friction and sealing systems¸ signed "Boutet a Versailles" ....

This magnificent sword was surely made to order for a wealthy and probably titled owner. It is a hand and a half broadsword made for use in one hand or two, depending on the situation. It is related to a group of swords dating to the early 17th century, mainly decorated with animal head pommels and quillon terminals. The use of human heads is less well known, but several examples exist. A notable ....

£19,995 Extremely Rare Duke of Richmond’s Flintlock Musket by Henry Nock.
Extremely Rare Duke of Richmond’s Flintlock Musket by Henry Nock.

Extremely Rare Duke of Richmond’s Flintlock Musket by Henry Nock. 54&157; overall, 39&157; round smooth bore barrel with proof marks and &#acute;HN&#acute; mark, musket bore. Fitted with prototype Henry Nock screw-less lock. Ring neck cock, frizzen pan flash guard engraved with Crown GR with swivelling face plate and....

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£18950 The Finest Royal Naval Historical Swords of Both Admirals, Houston Stewart
Two, simply incredible and historical swords, belonging to both father and son, who were both most distinguished Admirals in the Royal Navy, and a hand coloured royal presentation photograph of HRH Prince Arthur, presented personally by the subject, the son of Queen Victoria. Probably the two of the most historically interesting naval swords offered for sale this century. The first sword, hencefor....

$24995 USD Extremely Rare German Landsknecht Hand-and-a-half Sword, ca. 1520
The Landsknecht mercenaries of the Germanic countries were
among the most fearsome warriors in all of history. In a time when there were no
standing armies as we know today, any king or magnate who could afford them
wanted to hire the Landsknechts. The Katzbalger (literally "cat skinner") was
the well-known short sword with the S-shaped guard of twisted iron. Genuine

$19995 USD Magnificent Chiseled and Gilt German Two-handed Sword, Late 16th C   SALE PRICED!
In all the years we"e;ve been in business we"e;ve seen a lot of great two-handed
swords, but none has ever come close to this one in either quality or
provenance. This sword was formerly in the personal collection of Dr. Bashford
Dean, first curator of the Arms and Armor Department at the Metropolitan
Museum of Art. The sword was then acquired by the Met itself in 1929
after Dean....

£14500.00 Pair of Silver Mounted Pistols

A Fine Pair Of Silver Mounted Flintlock Holster Pistols by Griffin & Tow of London, Circa 1773. With two-stage octagonal to round sighted barrels, stamped at the breech with barrel makers mark and London view and proofs, signed ‘Griffin & Tow, London' within a border, foliate engraved barrel tangs and screws, signed, stepped, bevelled locks fitted with sliding safety catches, (both....

14500 GBP Kanenori sword with two cut test
This is Kanenori of Yasutsugu school of Echizen province.

Yasutsugu school is very famous school on Edo era.

Yasutsugu is smith of Tokugawa general.

As for this sword¸ Sword of early Edo era.(Shouo era¸ c1654)

Also¸ As for this sword¸ it was tested the sharpness in the human body and Maejima Hachiroemon cut off the body of two condemn....

No single form or date can be given to the point at which the rapier evolved. However, accepting the common definition, this example comes very close to that point, retaining the principal attributes of the Gothic broadsword, straight cross guard and wheel pommel. Its simple counter guard is identical to one on an example in the Sir James Mann collection dated to the 1520s. Other examples with var....

£12,995 Rare Baker Cavalry Rifle Pattern 1813 by Ezekiel Baker.
A Rare Baker Cavalry Rifle Pattern 1813 by Ezekiel Baker.

A Rare Baker Cavalry Rifle Pattern 1813 by Ezekiel Baker. 35&157; overall length, 20&157; .625 calibre rifled barrel with brass bladed foresight and standing V rearsight, with gunmaker&#acute;s company proofs signed &#acute;E Baker&#acute; on the top flat. Stepped, bolted, flat lockplate signed &#acute;E Baker&#acute;, flat ring neck co....

£12,995 Rare New Land pattern musket
A rare New Land pattern musket

A rare New Land pattern musket 58&157; overall. 42&157; barrel with Ordnance proofs, flat New Land pattern lock with Crown GR and inspector&#acute;s mark under pan. Full length walnut stock, barrel retained with 3 slides, butt with storekeeper&#acute;s stamp for 1802, inspector&#acute;s stamp behind the tang, with regulation brass furniture comprising butt plate,....

This extraordinary weapon was probably produced in Brescia, Northern Italy, for a Spanish client. The cup is formed of eight panels chiseled alternately in radial petal motifs and fine pierced scrolling foliage, specific to the Spanish taste. The grip, as well, is of Spanish form with four vertical bars fluted to match the guard on a twisted wire base. The cup is mounted with a gurda polvo, an int....

££12250 Fine Scottish Scroll Butt Pistol by Thomas Caddell of Doune Circa 1740

A fine Scottish flintlock scroll butt, or "rams horn" butt, pistol by Thomas Caddell of Doune, dating to the second quarter the 18th century. The pistol is in fine, original and uncleaned condition.
The first Thomas Caddell of Doune established the gun making trade there in the 17th century. The Caddells became one the leading gun making families in Doune, and in Scotland as....

$15995 USD Exceptional Skeleton Hilt Rapier, Probably by Gottfried Leygebe, ca. 1660
Cast and chiseled silver hilt featuring large single side ring
of ribbed diamond-section with central opposing artichoke buds. Protruding from
the obverse of the quillon block are three down-turned diagonal bars ending in
artichoke finials; reverse quillon block decorated with acanthus in relief.
Hollow grip of intertwined rope work; pommel of artichoke form with long button.
The delicat....

£12,000 Rare Knightly sword from the Castiillion river find
rare Knightly sword from the Castiillion river find

A rare Knightly sword from the Castiillion river find, 39&157; overall, Double-edged blade of triangular shape, ribbed at the centre; thin quillons slightly curved toward the blade, octagonal pommel relieved at the centre. Together with the scabbard iron chape. Very rare sword in excavated condition.
Provenance: private collection from Marse....

£11,995 Very Rare 1810 pattern New Land Light Infantry Sergeants Carbine
A Very Rare 1810 pattern New Land Light Infantry Sergeants Carbine

A Very Rare 1810 pattern New Land Light Infantry Sergeants Carbine . 33&157; sighted musket bore barrel with ordnance proofs. False breach. The flat lock border engraved, stamped &#acute;Tower&#acute; &#acute;GR&#acute; with Crown and inspector’s mark, Crown over ’3’ mark internally. Most parts including the l....

14000 GBP Sword owned by Japanese bureaucrat who accompanied Tzar Nicholes 11 during his tour of Japan in 1891
Naoe Shizu Kanetsugu

This is Naoe Shizu Kanetsugu of Mino province of early Muromachi era

from late Nanbokucho era.(c1380-c1400)

This NBTHK kicho paper is Showa 29 years(c1954)

The juyo token authorization system did not exist in 1954.

This appraisal has a meaning same as juyo appraisal.

It is a very precious appraisal.

Hamon and Jigane is v....

£10,995 pair of officers pistols belonging to Major John Jessop
A pair of officers pistols belonging to Major John Jessop

£10,495 . A cased brace of Twigg Brass Barrelled Blunderbuss Pistols
. A cased brace of Twigg Brass Barrelled Blunderbuss Pistols

 A cased brace of Twigg Brass Barrelled Blunderbuss Pistols 12&157; overall. 7&157; two stage octagonal to canon barrelled barrels, I&157; diameter at muzzle. One with London proof marks, signed &#acute;London; on the top flat with spring bayonets, stepped bolted, bevel edged locks signed &#acute;Twigg&#acute;. Bevelled ed....

£9,995 very rare French &156;Carabine de Versailles&157; Infantry Rifle
A very rare French &156;Carabine de Versailles&157; Infantry Rifle

Images courtesy of West Street Antiques (http://www.antiquearmsandarmour.com/)

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£9995 Superb Presentation Samurai Sword C.1500 From The Pitt-Rivers Collection
Now stunningly and beautifully repolished. A magnificent all solid silver mounted sword of around 500 years of age, bearing an engraved presentation silver habaki, inscribed "presented by K.Kurobe, to W. H.Deakin 1873". In original Edo period fittings of pure silver throughout. The stunning quality tsuba is rimmed in rope pattern of pure silver [called a mimi], and inlaid with finest pur....

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£9995 Simply Magnificent Museum Quality Shinto Period Yoshikuni Samurai Sword
Wakazashi with a signed blade by master ´Wazamono´ smith Kozuke no Kami Yoshikuni of Settsu, in around 1661, signed tsuba, signed Mogarashi Nyudo Soten Sei Kinen Nanajyuu Sansai No
Koshu Hikone Jyu. Signed fushi, Gotou Mitsutaka Kao [Thanks to Gay Diey once more for translation]. All koshirae are Edo period, and all depicting scenes of a great legendary historical samurai sea battle i....

£9,995 . A fine high quality cased pair of Flintlock officers pistols
. A fine high quality cased pair of Flintlock officers pistols

. A fine high quality cased pair of Flintlock officers pistols signed &#acute;Avery & Co.&#acute;. 15&157; overall. 9&157; round flat toped carbine bore barrels with blade foresight, engraved &#acute;London&#acute; on the top flat. Platinum line to engraved breach. Bolted stepped bevelled engraved locks, signed &#acute;Avery &....

£9,995 .A Fine Pair of Silver Mounted Holster Pistols ,by James Barbar
.A Fine Pair of Silver Mounted Holster Pistols ,by James Barbar

.A Fine Pair of Silver Mounted Holster Pistols ,by James Barbar 16 1/2&157; overall, 10&157; 3 stage round sighted barrels, with London proofs & &#acute;IB&#acute; maker&#acute;s mark (James Barbar) and engraved BARBAR.. The border engraved rounded lockplates signed &#acute;Barbar&#acute;. Walnut fullstocks with shells around....

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£9950 Superb Presentation Samurai Sword of 1550 From The Pitt-Rivers Collection
Bearing the Emperor´s personal mon [clan crest] habaki. In original presentation storage case. Inscribed [as a basic translation] as; A Fine Sharp Sword, presented to the Chief of Staff [in Japanese] Wickham? This may represent a presentation to a visiting British notable or military officer during the Imperial Meiji reign. This sword came from the collection of the late William Gronow Davis....

This fine sword combines metal working techniques to produce an elegant but eminently capable weapon. The hilt comprised stylish elements with delicately engraved floral detail which represent the latest defensive technology. In form it accords with Norman type 111 with double shell guards are delicately pierced in a matrix of intersecting circles and would serve to engage an opponents blade as we....

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£9675 Exquisite Pair of 18th Cent.Silver Flintlock Pistols By Hadley Of London
Hallmarked silver dated 1781. Superb Juglans Regia walnut stocks with sumptuous patina. Brass octagonal to round barrels with brass lockplates and all solid silver fittings and mounts. A fabulous pair of very fine quality pistols of the pre Napoleonic wars era, likely for a Royal Naval Captain, as brass barrels and silver mounts suited the salty sea environment very well indeed, unlike steel barre....

$11995 USD Exceptional Gilded Italian Rapier, ca. 1630
Elaborate cup guard of hollow flower petal shape formed of
flattened bars, each of the 6 petals filled with a gilded panel of chiseled
acanthus with flattened spiral finials. Vertically recurved quillons with gilded
flattened spiral finials; large pas d"e;ane. Long faceted ovoid pommel with button
and matching central gilded spiral panel. Grip wrapped with twisted iron wire in

11000 Euro Chasseur à Cheval of the Imperial Guard sabre
Sabre is of the 1 st model with 2 pieces scabbard reinforced with riveted brass plates, the 2 parts marked JC, the hilt marked VERSAILLES with several controllers marks and V for Verified, blade of 85 cm clearly marked Mfture Impale de Klingenthal Coulaux FrÃ

£9¸000 Beautiful Antique Silver Indo-Persian Rulers Sword
Beautiful Antique Silver Indo-Persian Rulers Sword"

This is a long curved¸ early antique Mughal Blade and is very rare. It is almost last 17th and early 18th century old sword and belongs to North India (at that time). The Hilt of this sword is called kuftgari hilt and is Silver.

£8,995 Pair of Duelling pistols by Dawes
A fine Pair of Duelling pistols by Dawes

A fine Pair of Duelling pistols by Dawes, 14 ¾&157; overall, 9&157; octagonal barrels, engraved London on top flat, Birmingham proof marks. 650 carbine bore, stamped STUBS on underside. Bevelled stepped lock plates border line engraved. Bolted safety, swan necked cocks , semi water proof pans , roller on frizzen springs, set triggers. Walnut ....

££8950 Fine Pair of Silver Mounted Flintlock Pistols by Edward Bate of London With Hallmarks for 1783/4.

A fine pair of silver mounted flintlock pistols by Edward Bate of London mounted with octagonal section smooth bore brown twist barrels stamped with London proof marks and barrel-makers mark ‘IB' in a shield, probably for James Barbar, the upper surface in each case engraved with "Bate London" in scrolling script. The border engraved lockplates are each signed "Bate"....

£8,950 Good Volunteer 1805 Baker Rifle by Silvester
A Good Volunteer 1805 Baker Rifle by Silvester

 A Good Volunteer 1805 Baker Rifle by Silvester .47&157; overall. 30&157;&157; rebrowned drawn steel barrel with bayonet bar, fixed rearsight & false breech, Ordnance proofs. Flat stepped border engraved lockplate signed &#acute;Silvester&#acute;, with swan neck cock, roller on steel spring. Walnut full stock with slot, rifle cheek ....

£8,250.00 RARE, MINT, Original WW2 Nazi German Luftwaffe General’s ‘Flieger- Generalsdegen’ 2nd Model Officer’s Sword By Eickhorn, Solingen With Etched Blade ‘Der Oberbefehlshaber Der Luftwaffe Herman Goring’ With Goring Signature Gene
This is a near mint, rare, original WW2 period German Nazi Luftwaffe General’s 2nd Model Officer’s Sword. These swords were 1st commissioned by Hermann Goring the Commander in Chief of the Luftwaffe and examples of 2nd Model General’s sword were seen as early as 1937 (see page 194 of Swords Of Germany By Angolia where a 2nd Model example by Eickhorn identical to our piece is illust....

££8250 Scottish Ribbon Hilt Broadsword of Early Form Circa 1640 to 1660

A Scottish "West Highland Ribbon Hilt" - sometimes called "Beaked Neb" - broadsword dating to late second quarter, or middle, of the 17th century. These swords are usually associated with Highlanders in the Civil War, Covenanting and early Jacobite periods in Scotland.
The only hitherto known portrait depicting such a sword is that of Lord Mungo Murray by John Micha....

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£7950 Original Late 13th, Early 14th Century Crusader Knight´s Sword
An amazing ancient medieval crusaders sword from the Knights Templar era of the crusades, the ´Fall of Acre´ of 1291 and likely used well into the next century. In exceptional preserved relic condition and very robust and sound. Hand-and-a-Half hilt with disc pommel and wide blade, inlaid with gold alloy wire of a Templar type sacred heart and traces of it´s blade name. It may we....

£7,495 A Good Volunteer 1823 Baker Rifle
A Good Volunteer 1823 Baker Rifle

A Good Volunteer 1823 Baker Rifle .46&157; overall. 30&157;&157; twist steel barrel with bayonet bar, stamped John Clive, two leaf rearsight , Ordnance proofs. Rounded carbine style border engraved lockplate stamped HN internally , with swan neck cock, Crown GR ,Tower on tail Walnut full stock . Brass mounts, consisting of butt plate, large two compartment pa....

8500 Euro High officer of the Grenadier à pied of the Royal Guard sabre
Sabre is in superb condition, in its complete gilding and after a model created by Boutet and reintroduced by Manceaux, after liquidation of the BOutet factory under the 2d Restoration, leather scabbard(damaged) signed Manceaux Ã

£6,995 very fine, rare Pinch of Snuff military basket hilted sword
A very fine, rare Pinch of Snuff military basket hilted sword

Very fine, rare Pinch of Snuff military basket hilted sword. 42&157; overall with 35 1/2&157; back sword blade with engraved panels signed &#acute;Andreia Ferara&#acute; on both sides. Hilt made up of 6 panels wit diamond decorated bars with narrow oval reign ring with forward guard bars and rear guard bar. Domed pommel with acorn f....

£6,995 double barrelled 18 bore John Manton sporting gun
A fine double barrelled 18 bore John Manton sporting gun

A fine double barrelled 18 bore John Manton sporting gun with 32 inch barrels blade fore sight gold lined patent breaches singed &156; Manton London &157; in gold. , gold touch holes, London proofs. Finely engraved tang, flat signed and engraved locks with water proof V shaped pans , finely engraved French cocks, rollers on frizen spring....

££6950 Ribbon Hilted Scottish Broad Sword Circa 1660

Alban Arms & Armour | Fine Antique Arms and Armour | Scottish Swords

£6950.00 Huge Sporting Gun

A Rare 8-Bore Flintlock Duck Gun, K. Griffith, Alexandria, Circa 1835. With swamped twist tel-stage barrel with silver bead fore-sight, inscribed Alexandria on the octagonal breech and with two platinum lines at the rear and platinum-line touch-hole, engraved grooved tang, signed case-hardened border engraved flat bevelled lock with stepped tail, roller, rainproof pan, and forward cutting comb o....

£6750.00 Double Barrelled Carriage Pistol by D.Egg

A Scarce Double Barrelled Flintlock Carriage Pistol by D.Egg London, Circa 1790. With browned twist sighted barrels signed along the central rib in gold, breeches engraved with a line of foliage and with gold lined touch holes, border engraved tang decorated with foliage, border engraved flat bevelled locks each signed in scripted decorated with foliage at the tail, engraved cocks and rollers on....

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£6750 Regal, Royal Grade, Gold Inlaid English Regency Period Flintlock Pistol
Circa 1811 a fine English flintlock pistol with superb engraving to the lock and barrel that is inlaid with pure gold. Rain proof pan, rolling frizzen, pure gold pan lining and vent, gold breech lines and muzzle line. False breech in steel with fine engraving. Plain walnut stock with microchequered grips and a plain rectangular gilt escutcheon at the wrist. Silver barrel slide escutcheons to the r....

££6750 Fine Tyrolean Broad Sword of Ambras Type Late 16th Century

A fine and elegant Broad Sword / Rapier dating to the fourth quarter of the 16th century. A well balanced, solid and finely proportioned weapon, presented in fine condition.
The complex and attractive hilt is formed from a central quillon block at the base of the grip, forged with triangular langets decorated with central incised lines extending from the block for a short distance down....

Probably Swedish. Silvered iron hilt with elegantly swept quillons and double ring guards with pierced plates. Silver wire wrapped grip. 37” double edged blade of fine mechanical damask watered steel, probably reforged from a medieval sword, struck with a maker's mark at the forte. This is an arming sword, made for mounted use in armor. At the time this sword was made and used, Sweden was a ....

This example represents the rapier at its zenith. The solid iron cup with roped top edge rolled inward is decorated with intertwined bands enclosing panels decorated with foliage inhabited by beasts. The upper portion has alternate round panels with classic Italian portraits and oval panels alternately enclosing winged putti, and similar winged crowned double headed eagles. The latter motif derive....

This sword epitomizes the form which became known as the Walloon. It was a popular horsemans sword throughout Europe. This example is one of a specific group used by the Amsterdam Town Guard. The large blade is inscribed SAHAGOM, in each fuller, derived from the Spanish maker, Alanzo de Aahagom, though on Northern European swords, it is merely a suggestion of quality by association. The blade is f....

The second half of the 19th century brought sweeping global changes, including the ability to travel as never before. A new cosmopolitan life style for the advantaged, combined with global markets for manufacturers brought about international exhibitions where the finest craftsmanship was showcased. Industries like the Toledo etched cutlery industry, which combined traditional artistic skills with....

££6650 Highland Scottish Officers' Sword of “Pinch of Snuff” form dating to the Mid 18th century

A Scottish Officers' sword of "Pinch of Snuff" form dating to the middle of the 18th century. The sword is in good condition with some light pitting to the hilt commensurate with its age and retains its liner and scabbard. The high quality double-edged blade is of flattened octagonal section incised along its entire length with foliate designs, grotesques, suns in splendour ....

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