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A good example of this bayonet originally contracted for the Egyptian Army but used by the French in the Franco-Prussian War 1870-71

57.5cm (22.5) yataghan shaped blade with flat back, single fuller, and spear point. The blade is marked on one side with the Knights Helmet mark for Kirschbaum and on the other with a French K inspection mark.

Solid brass ribbed grip hilt, with beaked pommel a....

A very good late example of this common bayonet which was widely exported in the pre and post war years.

29.8cm (11.75) straight single fullered blade with single edge and spear point. The blade has a matt finish.

Straight hilt with wooden grips secured by two boltsand press stud. The bayonet is marked L95 crossed swords 50 on the tang, and stamped TGF on the pommel. (The 50 dated blades we....

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£95 Good Czech Model Mauser VZ24 Rifle Sword Bayonet.
With Czech State stamp and maker coded scabbard tgf. A very good condition Czech VS 24, early pattern bayonet with full muzzle ring, and scabbard. Fully blued pommel and crossguard with perfect wooden grips with original screws. 11.75" upturned blade in original parkerized type finish. In its original steel & blued scabbard The vz. 24 rifle is a bolt-action carbine designed and produced in Cz....

A rare and very good example of this bayonet which was converted from the 1841 pattern to fit the Albini-Braendlin rifle.

45cm (17.75) triangular hollow ground blade stamped JL with needle point.

Steel socket with conversion line. Offset bridge, locking ring, zigzag slot. Elbow stamped DM and various inspection marks. Socket stamped N302. MRD 17.1

Maker: Not known

Dated: c1867

No scab....

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£100 Very Good WW2 German Army Sword Portepee
The portepee consists of; a flat strap, interwoven free slide, metal alloy based stem, crown and ball. The portepee is wood based and wrapped in silver/aluminum wire threads. The slide and strap are leather with stitched silver/aluminum wire threads. The bottom has a flat recessed hole.

Three bar cavalry type hilts with wire wrapped leather covered grips. Curved blades, 29 1/2" and 31", decorated with foliage and MADE IN INDIA inscription. Varying in details, one with plated scabbard mounts, one brass. One scabbard velvet covered, the other leather. Both with genuine age, vintage to antique. Two swords.

A good example of a Bar on Barrel bayonet for the Short Rifle by Weyersberg of Germany

58cm (22.8) yataghan shaped blade with flat back, spear point and single fuller. The blade is double edged for the last 7. The blade is marked on one side with the makers stamp, a Birmingham inspection mark and S3, and on the back of the blade S4.

Steel cross guard with muzzle ring (20.5mm) and forward fa....

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£110 1888 Pattern Lee Metford Boer War Bayonet MkI, Type 2
Type 2With scarce non regulation scabbard.2 Rivet hilt. With scabbard. Good condition for age all usual British acceptance marks

Wood, finely crafted to mimic the original with moko form guard. 39 3/4” overall. Almost certainly made for theatrical use, and therefore, almost certainly for use in Madame Butterfly which premiered in 1904. Fine lacquer finish, now with storage chips, which would glisten in the stage lights. At the time, there were many thousands of live performance theaters with millions of props, nearly all ....

Insurrection period C.1899. 19 5/8” wedge section blade forged with some surface flaws indicative of the urgency of the need for weapons. Horn hilt with stylized human head pommel and broad iron base ferrule. Horn with light tool finish and age graining. Ferrule with smooth brown patina.

A good example of this bayonet which was used on a number of Swedish rifles between 1860-1867

58.3cm (23) triangular hollow ground blade with needle point. The blade is stamped with the makers initials HT and dated 1864. It is numbered 1533. The elbow is stamped ALK and AJ.

Socket with 19mm MRD and zigzag slot and locking ring

Maker: Husqvarna

Dated: 1864

No scabbard

The bayonet is ....

A very good example of this rarer bayonet apparently unissued.

48.5cm (19) cruciform tapering steel blade with needle point.

Iron socket with locking ring MRD- 19mm. The socket is unmarked. The elbow is stamped on one side 2735 and on the other NO

Maker: Not known

Dated: 1868-1881

No scabbard.

The bayonet is in excellent condition with no rust or staining. It has its original blue b....

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£125 Austrian Mannlicher Cavalry Bayonet Model 1895 Regimentally marked
Used by the Austrian Empire in WW1. The sole difference between this and the common standard type [for infantry] is the inclusion of the rifle´s foresight which surmounts the crossguard. Condition is very good. Exhibiting the Austrian cutting edge upwards feature that other countries do not have. Wood grips with two rivets.Combat marks to right grip. In it´s original all steel scabbard....

27 7/8" total length with broad, straight, broad fullered blade on regimentally marked curved bolster. 4" socket, the base ring and locking ring removed in its working life. It almost surely was mounted on a haft and used during the Revolution of 1848 which resulted in the abolition of serfdom in Austria, Dark with spotty rust growth. The forward half of the blade with heavy pitting.

1952-1960. Good example made from heavy iron stock secured from the colonial farmers, probably from a piece of farm equipment. 13 3/4" spatulate blade of flat stock with carefully beveled/sharpened edges. The grip wrapped in stitched skin. The scabbard of classic form with dished throat and stretched bright red hide covering (one small hole as made). Interesting example of these which are always o....

Pattern popular with state militias. Peterson #11. Unusual example with one piece bronze hilt with bow tie form guard, stars & bars quillon block, helmet form pommel and reeded grip. 19 1/2” straight d.e. blade marked GERMANY with maker's mark to the forte. Minor staining to the blade and hilt. Perhaps made under the pressure of the Civil War. The US standard 1840 pattern musician's ....

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£140 American WW1 Rifle Bayonet, Re-Issued to British Home Guard WW2.
In excellent order with frog mount. Made by Remington. The pattern of bayonet that was continually used in WW2 by the British Home Guard.

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£145 Very Good U.S.M4 Fighting Knife Bayonet, U.S.M8 A1 Scabbard
For the US Army M1 Carbine, and a superb original example. The first contract was to the Turner Manufacturing Company of Statesville, North Carolina for M4 bayonets in 1954. They are marked U.S. M4 / TMN on the blade side of the lower guard. These have the post-1951 wider guard. Several characteristics of the US military M4 are seen here. They include the two long slots in the tang (presumably to ....

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£145 19th Century ´Russian´ Hand Held Adapted Sword Bayonet
Probably a socket bayonet for the Imperial Russian 1856 M. Jeager Rifle. Adapted with a turned walnut handle to create a hand held, thrusting sword, ideal for close combat action without it´s rifle. Possibly for use in conjunction with a pistol. An ingenious and effective method of creating a hand effective bayonet that without such a fitting would be a redundant weapon without it´s ri....

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£145 Most Scarce German WW2 Officer´s Sword Bag.
Original bag made by the swordmakers for officer´s to transit their swords on campaign. Very good condition overall for age. Brushed cotton with grey cotton piping. Made with a single hole to one side for the scabbard ring mount protrusion. Universal size for all patterns. 40 inches long overall.

The classic sword of the Masai and Kukuyu, this example dating 1952-60, identified by its iconic red hide covered grip and scabbard and its 15 3/8” spatulate blade fashioned from a stolen farm implement, worked to shape and stone finished. Shrunk hide covered grip in the emblematic Mau Mau red color. Red hide covered scabbard with small metal ring tip. Few small shrink cracks to the hide, but th....

Similar form but much larger with 23 1/2" clipped point blade marked JOSEPH BEAL & SONS SHEFFIELD. Beal is recorded working in 1876. Two piece horn grip secured with four large rivets. Grip deteriorated with loss the base both sides, left side flaking and delaminated, the right with some original polished finish remaining. Blade shows smooth mottled dark patina both sides. Virtually unparallel....

Good early example with well forged medially ridged spatulate blade, 18 3/8" length. Cylindrical hide wrapped grip. Blade shows very light tool finish. Grip with light surface encrustation. Traditional example predating those of the mid-century which were fashioned from salvaged auto and farm equipment, particularly leaf springs.

A very good example of this rarer bayonet with good markings.

48.5cm (19) cruciform tapering steel blade with needle point. The back of the blade is marked with the makers name, and inspectors mark.

Iron socket with locking ring MRD- 19mm. The socket is marked 16RB 542 (16th Infantry Regiment). The elbow is stamped on one side 1776 and on the other AvV Crown PIF CF

Maker: A E Neasman


A converted French M1822 for use with the French musket 1822 of which 20000 were purchased in December 1848.

45cm triangular shaped blade with hollow ground central fuller stamped with a Crown D and 7 near the elbow (The blade appears to have been shortened).

Socket with zigzag slot and locking ring. The elbow marked 1030, and there is also a small inspectors triangular mark, and the socket....

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£155 Very Good FN Model 1949 SLR Rifle Bayonet
In excellent condition. A contract was ordered by the Belgian government starting with thirty test rifles on May 12, 1949, received on August 31, 1949, and made a second larger order for 100 test rifles delivered by December 12, 1949. The Belgians would make a contract for production of the SAFN 1949 rifle on August 24, 1950 for 6000 rifles in caliber .30-06 Springfield. The Belgians designated th....

200GBP British William IV Infantry Officer sword
Blade 32" Width 7⁄8" light staining¸ no etching or makers marks. Please email for any other images.

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£165 British Basket-Hilted Swords: A Typology of Basket-Type Sword Hilts

by Cyril Mazansky. The phrase basket-type hilts refers to a large group of hilts which provide a degree of protection to the hand and wrist. Basket-hilted swords have featured prominently among British military edged weapons over the past five centuries, from the Wars of the Roses in the mid fifteenth century to the period immediately after the second Boer War of the early twentieth ....

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£165 Ross Rifle Bayonet Of WW1 Used In The Canadian Army
With Canadian ordnance stamps. The Ross rifle was a straight-pull bolt action .303 inch-calibre rifle produced in Canada from 1903 until 1918.
The Ross Mk.II (or "model 1905") rifle was highly successful in target shooting before WWI, but the close chamber tolerances, lack of primary extraction and overall length made the Mk.III (or "1910") Ross rifle unsuitable for the condit....

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£175 French 1892 WW1 Manlicher Bertier Rifle Sword Bayonet & Frog
A scarce and collectable bayonet of WW1. The Berthier carbine was a French Bolt-action 8mm carbine which saw service with the French army during the First World War and limited action during the Second World War in all branches of French service other than the infantry. The occasional use, outside of France, of the term "Mannlicher" to designate weapons of the Berthier system is due to t....

A very good example of this rarer bayonet marked to the Swedish Navy.

48.5cm (19) cruciform tapering steel blade with needle point. The back of the blade is marked with the makers name FL.

Iron socket with locking ring MRD- 19mm. The socket is marked BLB No 1219 (Swedish Navy Blekingelnsbevringsmanskap). The elbow is stamped on one side 8072 and on the other WA H ON

Maker: Husqvarna


A good example of this more rarely seen pattern which dates from the early years of the Facist state in Italy.

82cm (32.25) slightly curved diamond profile blade with narrow central fuller on both sides for 42cm and tapered spear point. The blade is unmarked.

Steel cup hilt with central open slot and smaller lozenge shaped sword knot hole. Rearward facing downturned quillon. Ebony hatched g....

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£175 French Model 1874 "Gras" Sword Bayonet
This bayonet, made at St Etienne in 1878, was the last of the French "sword-type" bayonets. It was manufactured to fit the French Model 1874 "Gras" Infantry Rifle, basically a refinement of the Model 1866 Chassepot Infantry Rifle. The "Gras" was manufactured from 1874 to about 1885.
The French wars during the useful "life-span" of this bayonet were:

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£175 Fine Gras Rifle Sword Bayonet, Matching Numbers, Dessert Camo Paint.
The blade is excellent as are the mounts. Dated blade 1878. Used for almost 70 years in service. Desert camouflage paint may indicate Foreign Legionary use. The Gras rifle had a calibre of 11mm and used black powder centrefire cartridges that weighed 25 grams. It was a robust and hard-hitting weapon, but it had no magazine and so could only fire one shot after loading. It also had a triangular-sha....

JAPANESE NAVAL SWORD BLADE “KAI-GUNTO”: 26 ½ inch blade with 8 ⅛ inch tang. The tang is stamped with the Toyokawa Naval Arsenal mark of an anchor in a circle. Nice polish to the blade, however, there are some light scratches and stains. The temper line is still faintly visible. VG

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£180 Good WW2 Japanese Arisaka Bayonet
The Type 30 bayonet, sanjunen-shiki juken, was a bayonet designed for the Imperial Japanese Army to be used with the Arisaka Type 30 Rifle and was later used on the Type 38 and Type 99 rifles. It remained in front-line use from the Russo-Japanese War to the end of World War II. The Type 30 Bayonet was a single-edged sword bayonet with a 400 millimetres (15.75 in) blade and an overall length of 514....

15 1/4” blade of heavily textured (pamir) mechanical damascus steel. The tip of indented rounded form. Wood hilt with stylized flower bud pommel and swelled base. The wood with glossy patina from use. Blade with fine pattern and no rust damage.

Late 19th century dating to the successful repulsion of British colonial military intrusion. The Dervish were led by Muhammad Abdulla Hassan, named Emir and supported by the Ottoman Turks and Germans. 15 3/4" d.e. blade of the typical asymmetrical form. Shows original tool finish and bright surface, a few isolated black pitting spots. Built up hilt with large black horn segments flanking brass and....

16" total length with .70" socket mounting the "Kyhl" spring catch invented by Johan Kyhl in 1794. The neck struck with a lower case Gothic K for the Kronborg arsenal. The small size indicates use for an officer's fusil. Crisp with very light surface degradation.

Ornate hilt with Columbus head pommel, plated, mostly worn to the white metal base. Black japanned wood grip. 28 1/2” d.e. blade, excellent, with fine decoration to the first half. Plated scabbard with fancy mounts, shows some wear but the plating near complete.

19th century. 27” slabside s.e blade with spatulate tip. Plateed bronze hilt with recurved foliate guard and eagle head pomme. Diced dark horn grips secured with three rivets. German made for the unique conditions in South America, Central America and Mexico and used both by the military and civilians. This example likely made for the Mexican marke. Hilt DG with a few bruises and the platiung mo....

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£195 Very Good WW1 French Lebel Bayonet & Frog
In excellent condition with regulation removed quillon. The Lebel Model 1886 rifle is also known as the "Fusil Mle 1886 M93", after a bolt modification was added in 1893. It is an 8 mm bolt action infantry rifle that entered service in the French Army in 1887. It is a repeating rifle that can hold eight rounds in its forestock tube magazine, one round in the transporter plus one round in....

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£195 Very Good British No 7 Bayonet For The WW2 MK V Sten Gun
A very good condition British No.7 Mk.1 Bayonet with brown/red composite grips, bowie blade and swivel mount Made for the 1944 WW2 Sten Gun and for the Lee Enfield No.4 Mk.1 rifle. The No. 7 Mk. I/L was used with the 9 mm. Sten Mk. V submachine gun, alonside the Sten´s regular spike bayonet. And some were issued to the Paras for the Arnhem campaign. The design was perfected by the Wilkinson ....

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£195 Scarce, Italian 1938 ´Non-Folding´ Folding Bayonet.
With original frog mount and a lot of original blueing. In pretty much sleeper condition. A nice and pretty unusual bayonet used by the Italian Fascists in WW2 and some by the Third Reich on the imported guns from Italy.It was initially designed as a folding bayonet but the action proved to have a weakness so it was adapted and strengthened by making it non-folding knife which in fact made it more....

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£195 Good Imperial German 1915 Butcher Bayonet
With flashguard Imperial German marking and date 1915. Steel combat scabbard. The Mauser Gew98 the so called ´Butcher´ bayonet was issued in WW1 with the saw or plain back. It was commonly alleged that a German soldier captured alive with his ´saw back´ type intact would be immediately killed by his allied captors, as the gruesomeness of the bayonet was much resented by the....

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£195 18th Century Turkish, Bone Hilted Kindjal Short Sword
The blade has traces of a complex etched design that may include Islamic script. Carved bone hilt with single silver leaf and nail stud.

$260 antique kris sword
old phillippines kris sword

BRITISH P.1885 CAVALRY TROOPER’S PRACTICE SWORD: Maker MOLE. Birmingham Proofs. 33 ½ inch blade. Rounded tip, some small nicks on the edge. Leather grips are excellent. The guard is stamped to the 18th Hussars with issue stamps of June 1926
(cancelled) and Nov. 1927. These issue Pattern Troopers Swords were re-cycled from damaged or obsolete patterns and used for training. RO....

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£210 Very Good Chassepot Rifle Sword Bayonet.
A stunning example, with pristine steel and brass and full arsenal engraving for it´s production at the armoury at St Ettiene 1874. Its inventor was, Antoine Alphonse Chassepot, and it became the French service weapon in 1866. It was first used at the battlefield at Mentana, November 1867, where it inflicted severe losses on Garibaldi´s troops. The event was reported at the French Par....

Second half of the 19th century. 23 5/8" slightly curved triple fullered blade reforged from a machete. Shows dark patina and scattered light to medium pitting throughout. Finely worked leather covered hilt and scabbard, both with bands of woven split cane and leather in contrasting colors. The scabbard bands on raised segments flanked by incised striped leather. Leather complete and sound with a ....

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