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200GBP British William IV Infantry Officer sword
Blade 32" Width 7⁄8" light staining¸ no etching or makers marks. Please email for any other images.

$260 antique kris sword
old phillippines kris sword

330 Euros XIXth Cent.Light infantry German
Nice item with black wooden handle with brass ferrule and pommel.

The straight brass crossguard has acorn ends.

The one edged straight blade is spare pointed and is rust free.

Slight shake on the mount.

No scabbard.

Total length:-57 cm

Blade length:-44¸5 cm

550 Japanese Army Kyu Gunto

Nice example of a Japanese Large D-Guard Army Officers Kyu Gunto.

Grooved machine made blades that measures 25.5 inches in

length and remains in very good condition.

Nicely detailed D-guard and handle have a few

age related knocks⁄marks and need a clean.

Wire wrap still tight and intake.

Very good blackened saya with no knocks or dings.....

380 Euros Spanish Officer´s Dagger for Cuba c.1880
Lion headed silvered brass dagger with ray skin grip¸used by officers during the Cuba Wars ( 1873-98).

The S quillions and and ferrule are decorated with vegetable ornaments.

The handle twistwire is missing and the grip is used in some places.

It´s mounted with a spear ended single edged fullered blade in grea condition.

The brow....

380 Euros Russian sawback sapper short sword dated 1844
This Russian sword is designed on the roman style of the 1831 pattern french infantry short sword.

This a not seldom found version.

It´s mounted with a one piece brass piece including the pommel¸the handel and the crossguard.

The one fullered and single edged blade as a sawback on the first two thirds and a return of the edge on the terminal par....

I have a very nice British 1796 officers sword. It is tight¸ the hinged guard still works nicely and doesn´t flop about. The blade has a lovely salt and pepper finish on it but has very little pitting except for a few small spots. The grip is silver foil over wood with some peeling. There is still some gold wash on it which is why the hilt looks so bright in the photos. The sword is so....

500 French Lancer sword
French lancer sword restoration period fair condition no markings 500.

$550 German WWII Lion Head Sword
German Army WWII Lion Head Sword w⁄ Original Portepee

Original Carl Eickhorn with squirrel TM. The crossguard has an Eagle with spread wings and a Swastika. "GES. GESCH" is stamped under the crossguard. The Black celluloid grip has no cracks¸ chips or surface damage. The aluminum wire wrap has no broken wires but a couple are loose. There are a few spots where the gold finish is....

550GBP 1853p Cavalry Troopers Sword
Go to www.evenstarswords.co.uk for details.

550GBP 1854p Coldstream Guards Officers Sword
Go to www.evenstarswords.co.uk for details.

750GBP 1897 Pattern Infantry Officer´s Sword
Go to www.evenstarswords.co.uk for details.

795GBP Honourable Artillery Company Sword VR
Go to www.evenstarswords.co.uk for details.

850GBP Household Cavalry Dress Sword c1840
Go to www.evenstarswords.co.uk for details.

$950.00 US or OBO 1834 Russian Pioneer Short Sword
This sword has been described as very rare. There is no rust on the sword but there are free form black marks. There is a sawtooth blade on part of the back. The scabbard is amazingly good given the age. The bottom of the scabbard where the wood meets the brass can be pulled apart and it fits tight when put back together.


Length of sword in scabbard: 27 inches


1500 Japanese Shikumi-Zue Sword Cane

Genuine Japanese Meiji period Shikomi-zue¸ with a purpose made

wakizashi blade¸ with true hamon and signed blade¸ I cannot make out the signature.

Blade with some rust spots and a few small nicks¸

saya lacquered to resemble bark¸ some peeling to handle.

Overall a very solid feeling piece¸ these rarely come up for s....

1200 USD 18th Century Italian Brscian Flintlock Coat Pstol
This fine pistol is made in the style typical of those made in the city of Brescia in northern Italy. It is marked on the bottom edge of the lock plate D. LANONE. The stock has nice carving work to accent the brass furniture. The lock plate¸ cock and barrel are steel highlighted with brass inlay. There is what looks like the image of a mans profile in silver on the trigger guard¸....

1400 USD 18TH Century Spanish Officers Flintlock Percussion Pistol Conversion
This is an 18th century Spanish Naval Officers pistol that has been converted from flintlock to percussion. This beautiful pistol has a figural hammer in the form of a fish head. The belt hook is quite permanent as it is part of the side plate. All brass furniture. Very decorative. 64 caliber 8.5 inch steel barrel is part round¸ part octagonal. 15 inch overall length.


A superb Georgian Grenadier Company Officer´s Sword with 29 3â

1475 pounds WW2 Japanese Pilot´s Aikuchi (Kamikaze Dagger ⁄ Dirk ⁄ Knife)
The legendary kamikaze (divine wind) special attack corps was formed from volunteer piolts who deliberately crashed their planes or Okhas (piloted bombs) into enemy shipping. The first operational attack occured on 25 October 1944 and continued until their suspension before the surrender. The overall military effect was minimal but¸despite high Japanese losses¸ they achieved great psyc....

1495GBP 1921p RAF Senior Officers Sword
Go to www.evenstarswords.co.uk for details.

2500 GBP katana by Norifusa OF Aki province
Katana signed: Geishu jyu minanoto no Norifusa saku


Hizen school


Norifusa worked on aroundc1650. And he was smith of Asano family of Aki province. Asano family is Feudal lord of Aki province

The Asano are descendants of the Emperor Seiwa (850-880)¸ of Minamoto no Yorimitsu (944-1021)¸ and are a branch of the Toki family. Minamoto no Mits....

1950 GBP Katana by Kiyoshige
Kiyoshige Katana

Era is Edo era(Kansei era) with siganture of Kansei era.

Siganture is Choshu no Jyu Fujiwara no Kiyoshige¸ Kansei 8 years May

Cutting edge is 63.6cm

NBTHK paper

Kansei (å¯

3500 USD 18th C. English Sawback Hunting Sword Flintlock Pistol Combination
This is a very rare British Hunting sword Flintlock pistol combination dating from around 1740. This type of sword pistol became affectionately known as the Pirate Captains sword¸ as it was favored by pirates including¸ supposedly Captain Bartholomew Roberts. The strait sawback blade has 2 deep narrow fullers. The fuller adjacent to the spine and the saw teeth run from the ricaso....


Japanese katana Ryo Kai Chikushi province of Ryo Kai school emerged from Yamashiro province.

Era: late Nanbokucho 1336⁄1392......c1380

With NBTHK pape

3500 GBP Samurai sword by Yamashiro no Kami Fujiwara no Nobutoshi
This Nobutoshi is 1st gen Nobutoshi.

His real name is Kuroda Seiemon.

Nobutoshi worked on Tenwa era in Himeji castle

Cutting edge : 63.3cm

Sori : 0.8cm

Jigane : Itame-hada and masame-hadaÃ

5500 Scottish Georgian Presentation sword
Magnificent Georgian Presentation sword dated 1805. Blade has a mix of blue and gilt and etching. Presentation inscription reads: "From the Aberdour company Fraserburgh Battalion Aberdeenshire Volunteers to Captain William Leslie in testimony of their regard and esteem 1805

£9¸000 Beautiful Antique Silver Indo-Persian Rulers Sword
Beautiful Antique Silver Indo-Persian Rulers Sword"

This is a long curved¸ early antique Mughal Blade and is very rare. It is almost last 17th and early 18th century old sword and belongs to North India (at that time). The Hilt of this sword is called kuftgari hilt and is Silver.

14000 GBP Sword owned by Japanese bureaucrat who accompanied Tzar Nicholes 11 during his tour of Japan in 1891
Naoe Shizu Kanetsugu

This is Naoe Shizu Kanetsugu of Mino province of early Muromachi era

from late Nanbokucho era.(c1380-c1400)

This NBTHK kicho paper is Showa 29 years(c1954)

The juyo token authorization system did not exist in 1954.

This appraisal has a meaning same as juyo appraisal.

It is a very precious appraisal.

Hamon and Jigane is v....

14500 GBP Kanenori sword with two cut test
This is Kanenori of Yasutsugu school of Echizen province.

Yasutsugu school is very famous school on Edo era.

Yasutsugu is smith of Tokugawa general.

As for this sword¸ Sword of early Edo era.(Shouo era¸ c1654)

Also¸ As for this sword¸ it was tested the sharpness in the human body and Maejima Hachiroemon cut off the body of two condemn....

160000 Euro Fantastic box of Boutet pistols
Octagonal¸ micro-rifled¸ damascened barrels¸ fine engravings at the base and the two gilt stamps "BOUTET"¸ grooved from the tangs to the centre of the barrels¸ signed "Boutet A Versailles" among gilt ornaments¸ at the nozzles the effigy of arrow and the number "92"¸ yellow gold fore -and rear-sight; flintlocks¸ provided with anti-friction and sealing systems¸ signed "Boutet a Versailles" ....

Currently showing 1 to 31 of 31 items.

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