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This fantastic Napoleonic sword just came out of an old collection, and requires some gentle cleaning to the scabbard and the hilt. The hilt is of Rumford type, popular in Western Europe in the late 1700s, the grip is ebony. Hilts of this style were first mounted on Bavarian cavalry sword [m/1788], and later on some others. Blade is almost 90 cm long, and retains much of its original blue and gilt....

Hilt heavily overlaid with silver. The oval guard radially fluted. Quillon and knuckle bow medial with matching fluting. Grip and pommel with vertically faceted motif. 33 1/16” triangular blade decorated with lattice motif at the forte and foliage and mil... (read more)

Hilt heavily overlaid with silver. The oval guard radially fluted. Quillon and knuckle bow medial with matching fluting. Grip and pommel with vertically faceted motif. 33 1/16 triangular blade decorated with lattice motif at the forte and foliage and mili... (read more)

18th-early 19th century. The hilt with fire gilt bronze pommel and guard. Ebony grip inlaid with chiseled iron plates both sides and edges. Fine heavy 33 3/4" fighting blade, flattened diamond section with narrow fullers at the forte. Papal Chamberlains, ... (read more)

1950 USD American Briquet with Baltimore style Eagle Pommel
 The brass hilt has a 2 piece cast grip with a Baltimore style eagle

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£1265 Superb German Senior Officer´s Sword, Serving in the Ottoman Army of WW1
A very fine quality, and most rare, high ranking, high status, officer´s sword, made by WKC [Weyersberg and Kirschbaum et Cie.] of Solingen,with it´s blade also bearing the Constantinople based company name of B.P.Pappadopoulo & Fils, Ottoman officer´s private purchase sword suppliers, to German officers serving in the Ottoman armed forces. The hilt is cast with a full relief pat....

£1,250.00 Brass Hilted Hanger
An English Brass-Hilted Hanger, Late 17th Century. With curved single edged blade struck with a blade smiths mark and cut with a slender fuller running along the back edge, elaborate faceted brass hilt comprising ornate rear quillon chiselled with geometric designs and button terminal, knuckle guard swelling at the centre and terminal decorated with chiselled geometric designs throughout, brass po....

£1,250.00 * * * * * * * * A very unusual 19th century wide blade short sword with an Eagle's head hilt & crossguard. Very good condition. Ref 8072.
*** Please mention OldSwords.com when contacting this dealer. *** An interesting 19th century short sword with an unusual Eagle's head hilt. This sword is very similar to bandsmans swords of the 19th century but has a heavy wide double edged fighting blade. Blade length 19 inches. Very well shaped grip covered with brass Eagle feathers, with an Eagle's head pommel and outstretched Eagle....

£1,250.00 very good looking high quality silver mounted Balkan long Flintlock pistol made around 1740-1790. Ref 7577
*** Please mention OldSwords.com when contacting this dealer. *** A very attractive silver mounted Balkan Flintlock pistol of good length, made around 1740-1790. Iron mounts fully engraved, some gold decoration in the background. The forend covered entirely in sheet silver. Small piece of wood missing from the butt-cap. Action complete and in good working order. Overall length approx 20.5 inches....

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£1250 Good, Scarce, German 14th Kavallerie Regimental Sword and Knot
Used in WW2. Fully etched blade with full regimental name of the 14th Kavellerie and an etched panel of a cavalry charge, with all the troop wearing steel combat helmets. Steel p hilt black celluliod grip with wire binding. Black painted steel scabbard. The same type of sword worn by General der Kavallerie Edwin Graf von Rothkirch und Trach, who joined the 14th Kavellrie, aged 42, in 1930, as a ma....

£1,250.00 Flintlock Overcoat Pistol
A ++ Bore Flintlock Overcoat Pistol by Nicholson of London, Circa 1800. With sighted octagonal barrel engraved "e;London"e; along the top flat and struck with Tower private proofs, decorated with a band of foliage at the muzzle, the tang decorated en suite with raised rear sight, stepped, signed, bevelled lock, full-stocked in walnut cut with deep chequering at the butt, steel mounts compr....

£1,250.00 French AN 13 Pistol
A French Model AN 13 Flintlock Cavalry Pistol, Dated 1812. The lock with Charleville Imperial Arsenal inscription, the stock and mounts with further arsenal and inspection stamps, with its regulation ramrod and muzzle plug. The cock is a working life replacement. Dimensions:

£1,250.00 Silver Inlaid Pistol
New item, description to follow.

£1,245 French year 13 Cavalry pistol
A French year 13 Cavalry pistol

A French year 13 Cavalry pistol. 14 ¼" overall. 8" round barrel dated 1813 at the breech, with inspector’s mark. Lockplate engraved ’Manuf Imp de Charleville’ with inspector’s mark. Throat hole cock & brass pan, regulation brass furniture with beak headed butt cap, ’S’ shaped sideplate & barrel ban....

€1700 “IBARZABAL” Light Cavalry Officer’s Sabre. Spain, 1821.
Description: Blade of great interest, from the well-known Eibar factory of Gabriel Benito de Ibarzabal, which had a very scant production of these elements, although it provided hilts and scabbards to the Fábrica de Toledo until 1833. The blade is strong, curved, with a wide fuller running up to near the point and a square back where the engraved inscription "FABca DE YBARZABAL - A&Nti....

1900 USD Import Cavalry Officer Sword with etched panel US and Eagle
Unusual enlisted pattern with officer style etched blade

$1,900.00 USD EUROPEAN RAPIER C.1690
The rapier with single side loop was first used in the second quarter of the 17th century and remained in use through the end of the 18th century. By the last quarter of the 17th century, it was scaled to respond to evolving fencing techniques. The iron... (read more)

1,900 GBP 20 bore flintlock pistol by Tow (later Griffin & Tow) of London. C 1780.

$1895 USD Transitional Rapier/Smallsword, Probably Dutch, ca. 1660

Chiseled steel guard featuring asymmetrical side rings with
double knob at center; each filled with a chiseled and pierced plate. Short
quillons with large knob finials and pas d"e;ane; fluted ovoid pommel with button.
Grip wrapped with alternating single and twisted double strand brass wire;
braided iron wire turks heads top and bottom. Lens-section 32" blade w....

Pattern based on the British 1804naval cutlass with figure eight guard and cylindrical iron grip. 28 1/2" straight s.e. blade struck with a star on the right side. Stable black oxidation overall. Guard edge with a small nick and the blade with some shallo... (read more)

Iron hilt with wire wrapped barred grip. 36" d.e. blade marked POR EL REY CARLOS III/CAVALLERIA T.o. 1771. Classic as served in the New World and illustrated in numerous standard references including Swords and Blades of the American Revolution (296.S). T... (read more)

Iconic form used throughout the colonial empire both mounted and on foot. See Neumann p.160. Iron hilt with line edged double shell guard and iron bared copper wire wrapped grip. 35 1/4” broad d.e. blade struck with AYZIVILLA (weak on left as struck) and ... (read more)

Emulating the fashion which swept across Europe in the late 17th century. Evidently of limited popularity in America as examples are very rare. This one, post dates the European fashion by a few years as expected and embraced the French taste. Cruciform,... (read more)

1850 USD Medical Staff Officer / Surgeon Model 1840-Horstmann
 Model 1840 Medical Staff Officer / Surgeons sword

20 1/2" heavy wedge section blade with narrow back fuller. Iron hilt with single scalloped edge side loop with pierced plate to the guard, very delicately pierced and completely undamaged. Matching scalloped knuckle bow and down turned quillon. Ovoid pomm... (read more)

Bronze hilt, formerly gilt, with particularly high relief decoration of classical warriors surrounded by scrolling foliage. Brass wire wrapped grip. 30 1/2" d.e. blade of flattened diamond section. The forte decorated with baroque motifs above a portrait... (read more)

This fighting sword draws its fulsome proportions from the leading Italian sword manufacturing center of the period, Brescia. The bronze hilt was silvered overall and retains considerable silver. It was cast and hand chiseled in a matrix of diamonds which... (read more)

1850 USD Militia Officer, Helmet pommel, Eagle guard, MOP grip
Knight head pommel, Mother of Pearl grips raised eagle guard

1850 USD M 1840 Cavalry Saber for Mass.- Ames, dated 1851
M 1840 Cavalry Saber - Ames - Massachusetts Marked

1650 Euro US officer sword circa 1812
Sword has an eagle head pommel and twist ivory handle, leather scabbard with brass mounts, nice blued and gilded blade

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£1195 Good and Sound, Untouched in 200 Years, 1796 British Officer´s Sabre
A Light Infantry Company Officer´s sword. Based on the 1796 Light Dragoon sabre, but slightly shorter for foot combat efficiency. During the Peninsular War officer´s assigned to the Light companies often felt they required a better sword than the thin, straight bladed, standard 1796 infantry officer´s sword prevalent at the time. Thus have a sword custom made, based on the blade ....

£1,195 New Stock An uncommon Household CavalryTrooper’s sword
New Stock An uncommon Household CavalryTrooper’s sword

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£1195 19th Century Scottish Highlanders Basket Hilted Regimental Sword
1828 Pattern, with traditional steel basket and double edged broadsword blade. As used by an officer in, say, the Thin Red Line at Balaklava, with the Highland Brigade, in the Sutherland Highlanders, the Black Watch or the Cameron Highlanders. The Scottish regiments fought with amazing distinction, and will well reknown ferocity and gallantry throughout the British Empire not least during Queen V....

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£1195 Superb 1796 Blue and Gilt Infantry Officer´s Sword
With copper gilt hilt, silver wire grip and fully engraved blade with King George IIIrd cypher with good remaining amounts of the finest blue and gilt décor. Used during the Peninsular War in Spain, the American War in 1812, and the Battle of Waterloo era. Quite a few examples survive till today of this pattern of sword from this era, but, very few indeed survive in good condition, with a lot....

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£1195 Very Fine Carved Ivory Bull Dog´s Head Sword Stick
A super Victorian silver mounted sword stick with a delightful carved bull dog´s head handle, and two hallmarked silver bands. A great conversational piece, and one can ponder over of the kind of gentleman who would have required such a piece of personal defence paraphernalia. Although one likes to think that jolly old Victorian England had a London full of cheerful cockneys and laddish chi....

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£1195 Regimental 1853 Pat. Trooper´s 6th Dragoon´s Sword Of the Crimean War
A good regimentally marked sword from B troop the 6th Dragoons. It is a British 1853 pattern ´Heavy & Light Cavalry Sabre´ in original steel battle scabbard. The 6th Dragoon´s one of the great heavy cavalry regiments of the British Army. ´The Inniskillins´, as the regiment was known, took part in the Charge of the Heavy Brigade at the Crimea. The lesser known, but muc....

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£1195 17th Lancers Officers Heavy Cavalry Sword of WW1
Fully deluxe engraved basket guard of the 1912 pattern. Apparently it was re-bladed during the reign of King George Vith at the Army Supply Stores. Typical steel scabbard, regimentally stamped for the 17th Lancers at the throat. The 17th Lancers (Duke of Cambridge´s Own) was one of the great and famous cavalry regiments of the British Army. A cavalry regiment, notable for its participation i....

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£1175 Good British Infantry Officer´s Sword 1796 Of The Peninsular War - Waterloo
In nice order with silver wire grip, copper gilt hilt mounts and matching scabbard mounts. The mercurial gilding is all original, and, quite remarkably, over 85% complete. The grip is solid silver, multi twisted wire, and perfectly intact and sound. Double shell guard, single flattened knuckelbow and a faceted pommel. Only the blade shows it´s natural age. Used by an officer, serving under ....

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£1175 Superb, Ching Dynasty, Chinese Pirates Sword With Armour Piercing Blade
With brass guard, cross-hatched carved hardwood grip and a most substantial and very powerful wedge shaped armour piercing blade in fantastic condition bearing just surface rust, almost an incredible half inch thick at the forte of the blade. There is no Chinese armour or chain mail that this blade could not penetrate with the skill of the best swordsman. Circa 1800, In it´s original hard le....

1800 USD British 1821 w/ backstrap ears, Early style blade etch
 Early style Blade Etching Pattern

Middle Bronze Age, C.1500-1000 BC. 13 5/8" total length. The spatulate shaped blade with swelled medial and slightly concave edges providing a sharp cutting edge on heavy core. The base of "spade form" to seat into a bone or wood hilt, long since perished... (read more)

1,800 GBP excellent silver hilted English take down smallsword
With fine moulded work on the hilt, a boat
shaped guard and a colichemarde blade. Silver marks for 1760 and a maker's
mark of TL, possibly Thomas Langford.

$1795 USD German Horseman’s Sabre, 2nd Half 17th C
All brass hilt featuring single side ring filled with an
embossed plate; knucklebow and side bar with double knobs, joined by a diagonal
bar and fastened to the lion head pommel. Thumb ring on reverse. Two-piece
soldered sheet brass grip cover over wood. Broad unmarked 30 ½" curved single
edged blade with long single fuller; the last 10" being double-edged. Blade with

£1,150.00 * * * * * * * A scarce French officer's Military Flintlock Pistol of the Napoleonic Period. Circa 1790-1815. Good condition. Ref 8162.
*** Please mention OldSwords.com when contacting this dealer. *** A scarce French officer's Military Flintlock Pistol of the Napoleonic Period. Circa 1790-1815. Steel lockplate engraved "Mfure De St. Etienne". Brass trigger guard, butt-cap, sideplate and forend cap all stamped with the correct military markings of a letter "H" and a star. 8 inch standard military steel ....

£1,150 New Stock A Dutch hanger
New Stock A Dutch hanger

A Dutch hanger 32&157; long, 26 1/2&157; curved blade with single narrow fuller. Pierced shell guard, 2 bar hilt with globular pommel, wooden grip with 2 brass ferrules and very unusually with its original leather scabbard.
Sword blade with old salt and pepper pitting, wire grip lacking, wooden grip split. Scabbard in very good condition for age, leather still stiff, ....

£1,150.00 Pair of Pocket Pistols
A Pair of Flintlock Pocket Pistols by Barber & Boaler of Newark, Circa 1800. With round turn-off barrels engraved at the muzzles and decorated with star bursts at the breeches, border engraved actions signed within an oval and stands of arms on one side, and inscribed "e;Newark"e; within an oval and stands of arms on the other, engraved thumb-piece safety catches, also locking the stee....

£1,150.00 * * * * * * * * * * * An interesting Indonesian sword Sewar, Parang in its original silver covered wooden scabbard. Very good condition. Ref 8135.
*** Please mention OldSwords.com when contacting this dealer. *** An interesting Indonesian sword Sewar. This sword is from the family of the Parang or Klewang and is probably from Java, Indonesia. It has a good European blade, blade length 25 inches. Very well carved wooden grip with finely chased silver mounts. Wood scabbard covered in 12 very finely decorated silver bands. Overall length 32 ....

£1,150.00 18th Hussars Sword
A Regimental 1821 Pattern Heavy Cavalry Officers Sword of the 18th Hussars. With slightly curved etched blade cut with a long fuller along the back edge, by Henry Wilkinson No. 38511, etched with scrolls and crowned Royal cypher, and regimental badge, motto and title, regulation steel scroll hilt, wire bound fish skin grip, in its steel scabbard with two suspension rings. Dimensions:

£1,150.00 Mameluke
An 1831 Pattern Officers Mameluke Hilted Sabre, With unfullered clipped back blade, brightly etched with scrolling foliage and martial trophies, crowned GR cypher and crossed sword and baton, steel hilt with two pierced ivory grips, in its original steel scabbard with two suspension rings. Dimensions:

£1,150.00 1796 'Battle Sabre'
A fabulous 'battle sabre' with evidence of combat use. Field repair to the grip, combat cut to the langet, combat 'strikes' to the clip-backed blade, sharpened for use. The sword is referenced in an article written for Classic Arms & Militaria May/June 2012.

A 1796 Pattern Light Cavalry Trooper's Sword by T. Gill (Jr.). With curved blade, cut with a large fuller along t....

Currently showing 651 to 700 of 1425 items.

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