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£1,495 . An East India Company New Land pattern flintlock cavalry pistol,
. An East India Company New Land pattern flintlock cavalry pistol,

. An East India Company New Land pattern flintlock cavalry pistol, 151/2"overall, 9&157; browned 16 bore barrel with the Gunmakers’ Company view and proof marks, crowned "7" and crowned "9" marks and the double broad arrow mark, and rounded breech tang. Border engraved ring neck cock, border engra....

£1,495 25 A 1796 blue and gilt Light Cavalry Officers sword.
25 A 1796 blue and gilt Light Cavalry Officers sword.

A 1796 blue and gilt Light Cavalry Officers sword. 36 1/2&157; overall with 32&157; curved blade with broad fuller. Engraved with royal coat of arms and warranted, on the obverse engraved with a trophy of arms, crowned &#acute;G.R&#acute; and &#acute;Wooley, Deacon and Dutton. With a stirrup hilt, backstrap with ears, wooden grip with twist....

Steel hilt with oval guard formed of cabled bands producing a scalloped edge. Pierced, with small chiseled detail foliate members. The bands with faceted studs, each set in a hole pierced through then guard and peened on the opposite side as smaller studs. All studs intact. Faceted knuckle bow and pommel. The intent, and result of the construction is to provide a glittering effect in candle light.....

Peterson #113. Bronze hilt with straight cross guard, thickened edge boat form shell guard and two piece globular pommel. Silver wire wrapped grip. 30 3/8” straight broad fullered s.e blade decorated with scrolling foliage and trophy of arms. Decoration crisp with remnants of gold. Blade surface smooth brown turned from blue with a little raised oxidation at the point. Hilt excellent with origin....

Brass hilt with fully modeled lion head pommel, double shell guards and three bar guards connected to the knuckle bow. Large thumb ring to the left side. Down curved quillon and chevron pattern heavy brass wire wrapped grip. 28 1/4” curved single fullered, s.e. blade, well decorated first third with trophies of arms, foliage and motto Pro Deo fide et Patria. Blade excellent with decoration crisp....

22 1/2” total length with 18 1/4” thick medially ridged tapering blade. Cruciform hilt with spatulate quillon terminals and flattened pommel matching. Original dark horn grip with lightly incised decoration over wear from use. Heavy aging throughout. Blade and hilt with age rust growth. The grip with sound with a few worm holes. Condition suggestive of being lost for four centuries, perhaps se....

Pattern based on the British 1804naval cutlass with figure eight guard and cylindrical iron grip. 28 1/2" straight s.e. blade struck with a star on the right side. Stable black oxidation overall. Guard edge with a small nick and the blade with some shallow nicks and light wear.

1475 pounds WW2 Japanese Pilot´s Aikuchi (Kamikaze Dagger ⁄ Dirk ⁄ Knife)
The legendary kamikaze (divine wind) special attack corps was formed from volunteer piolts who deliberately crashed their planes or Okhas (piloted bombs) into enemy shipping. The first operational attack occured on 25 October 1944 and continued until their suspension before the surrender. The overall military effect was minimal but¸despite high Japanese losses¸ they achieved great psyc....

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£1475 Very Fine 1800´s American Eagle Head Grenadier Sword Blue and Gilt.
Slotted hilt with carved bone grip. Used in the War of 1812 period, and a very nice example of these very fine swords, that are a most similar US version of the British 1803 pattern slotted hilt sabre. Blue and gilt blade finely engraved. For Canadians, the War of 1812 was the successful defence of a small colony against attack by a much larger neighbour.
Canadians endured repeated invasions and ....

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£1475 German 1936 Polizei/SS Degan With Fine Sword Knot By WKC
Silver plated steel degan hilt, with black ribbed grip, bound with silver wire, and with it´s original inset copper badge of the Third Reich German Police. Blade maker marked by WKC, Solingen. Overall in superb condition for age. The Police and the SS officers shared this common pattern of sword from 1936 onwards. Although a solely serving SS officer may have a sigrunen rune badged hilt to h....

This fighting sword draws its fulsome proportions from the leading Italian sword manufacturing center of the period, Brescia. The bronze hilt was silvered overall and retains considerable silver. It was cast and hand chiseled in a matrix of diamonds which was both pleasing to the eye and functional. The pattern on the guard served to catch an opponents blade while that on the grip provided improve....

20 1/2" heavy wedge section blade with narrow back fuller. Iron hilt with single scalloped edge side loop with pierced plate to the guard, very delicately pierced and completely undamaged. Matching scalloped knuckle bow and down turned quillon. Ovoid pommel fretted to match. Iron grip with fretted terminals and serpentine decoration. Condition consistent with it age, with gray patina and scattered....

BRITISH SERGEANT’S OF HIGHLAND REGIMENTS P.1798: Brass basket hilt with leather covered wood grip, missing the wire wrapping. The 31 ⅛ inch blade has an inspector’s stamp of a Crown over
“4”, which indicates an Ordnance issue piece. Sergeants were issued
swords, Officers bought their own swords from private sword makers or
military outfitters. ....

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£1450 Most Rare King Charles Ist Hunting Sword, Scabbard and Baldric
1640´s all steel hunting swords are pretty rare, but to have it´s original scabbard and baldric is exceptionaly rare. This is the form of sword that was highly desirable in it´s day as it´s length made it extremely useful in all manner of uses, from hunting wild boar to use as a senior officer´s naval cutlass. There are numerous portraits of British Admirals from the ....

££1450 Turkish Yataghan Dated 1289 AH (1872 AD)

A fine Turkish Yataghan mounted with a typical single edged sickle-shaped blade with an inscription on one side at the forte set inside a silver-damascened panel containing the date and inscribed with the maker's name "Salih" and the owner's name "Ubayel" in thuluth script. The other side is decorated with a silver-damascened star inside a roundel. The blade is cu....

£1,450.00 Naval Dirk
A Georgian Naval Dirk, Of shallow diamond section, gilt cross-guard with heavily embossed stylised foliate design on the top. plain beneath, turned ebonies grip with naval button pommel, in its black polished leather sheath with gilt locket and chape with two rings for suspension.

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£1425 Most Beautiful British 1790´s Sabre With Lion´s Head Pommel and Langet
This is a glorious swash buckling sabre of great quality and in fine condition. A lot of it´s original mercurial gilt is remaining and it´s wire bound grip is near mint. We have seen these swords refered to as every thing from British flank officer´s sabre, Royal Naval officer´s [when with ivory grips], and 1790´s British East India co. Infantry officer´s swords....

££1425 British Basket Hilted Cavalry Troopers Sword of the Mid 18th Century 057.16

A rare variant of the Pre-Regulation British Cavalry Troopers basket-hilted sword of the mid to third quarter of the 18th century.
Typically the sword is mounted with a bun shaped-pommel with integral pommel button at the top and a pommel ring at its base.  The basket is formed at the base with a dish shaped circular plate with integral wristguard.
Three main guard bars provide....

1,800 GBP excellent silver hilted English take down smallsword
With fine moulded work on the hilt, a boat
shaped guard and a colichemarde blade. Silver marks for 1760 and a maker's
mark of TL, possibly Thomas Langford.

Qajar, reign of Naser al Din Shah (1848-1896). Neoclassic style popular in his reign. Iron with 28" particularly well forged double edged blade of fine medially ridge section Both sides decorated overall with serpents and fish on alternate thicket and calligraphy panels. Dramatically shaped iron hilt with bifurcated quillon terminals with remnants of silver decoration. Fine patina with the decorat....

$1795 USD German Horseman’s Sabre, 2nd Half 17th C
All brass hilt featuring single side ring filled with an
embossed plate; knucklebow and side bar with double knobs, joined by a diagonal
bar and fastened to the lion head pommel. Thumb ring on reverse. Two-piece
soldered sheet brass grip cover over wood. Broad unmarked 30 ½" curved single
edged blade with long single fuller; the last 10" being double-edged. Blade with

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£1400 British, Royal Navy 1805 Lieutenants and Warrant Officer´s Combat Sword
Although known and classified as the 1805 pattern officer´s sword, they were known to have been made from up to six or seven years earlier, from the late 1790´s. Copper gilt hilt with wire bound shagreen [sharkskin] grip and twin fouled anchor engraved langets. Single fullered blade. Used from 1798 until the 1820´s, a very good sword for a Royal Naval Officer from The Battle of T....

£1,395 1788 Light Cavalry Officers sword.
A 1788 Light Cavalry Officers sword.

A 1788 Light Cavalry Officers sword. 41&157; overall with a 36&157; spear pointed blade with double fuller. D shaped hilt, double langets, pierces for sword knot. With wooden grooved grip stamped &156;B 13&157; on the quillen. In its steel scabbard with two suspension rings.
Sword pattinated but in good condition.
Dated 1795.
Images courtesy of West St....

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£1395 Very Good Royal Marine Officer´s Sword of Capt Morrieson´ 1822 Pattern
Named on the blade, with a presentation type etched panel, for a RM officer, John Charles Downie Morrieson, who served as a capt and then major in the Royal Marines. Very good gothic hilt with pieced VR cypher, wooden spiral ribbed grip, pipe backed blade and brass field service scabbard. As a Royal Marine officer he served in the naval Battle of Vuelta de Obligado, which took place on the waters ....

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£1395 Late Edo Period Japanese Shikome-Zue Swordstick
A strong and stout piece of super quality without being too heavy. In the 1870´s the Meiji Emperor disbanded the fuedal samurai order and banned the wearing of the sword. This created much unrest between the samurai and the government and some samurai moved to carrying shikome-zue [a disguised sword stick]. Therefore, via a circuitous route, they still remain armed, but with their katana hid....

£1,395 1796 Light Cavalry officers sword.
A 1796 Light Cavalry officers sword.

£1,395 Scottish militia basket hilted sword
A Scottish militia basket hilted sword

A Scottish militia basket hilted sword. 37&157; overall, 31&157; double edged blade with single narrow fuller and two narrow fullers on the forte, stamped &#acute;A&A.S&#acute;. Birmingham made 1798 style steel hilt comprising bars, rings and five panels. Turned wooden grip, fluted domed pommel. Blade made by August and Albert Schnitzler.
Made for a ....

£1,395 A French year 13 Cavalry pistol. (3)
A French year 13 Cavalry pistol. (3)

£1,350.00 Flintlock Pistol
A 54-Bore Flintlock Box-Lock Pistol by Aspinall of London. With turn-off barrels, cut for a key at the breech, fitted with an underslung bayonet (possibly a working life replacement) border engraved box-lock action, signed "e;Aspinall"e; within a shield surrounded by a stand of arms to the left and "e;London"e; to the right, top mounted with sliding safety catch that also locks the....

£1,350.00 17th Hunting Hanger
An English Stag-Horn Hilted Hanger, 17th Century. With slightly curved single edged saw-back blade, double edged towards the tip, cut with long deep fuller running along the back edge, some nicks from use along the cutting edge, decorated with engraving, stag-horn grip with silver ferrels. A very good example of an early hanger. The blade struck with three-bells blade smiths mark, traces of gildin....

1,700 GBP flintlock blunderbuss by Wilson Circa 1810

1751 pattern Peterson #2, Neumann 19.S and inextricably embedded in American history having served through the French & Indian War as well as the Revolution. Standard pattern with bronze (“brass”) hilt and 25” curved, narrow fullered blade marked THOs GRAVE(S) at the forte. We find no record of Thomas Graves as a sword cutler. Sir Thomas Graves was Commodore-Governor of Newfoundland in 1....

This sword is from a documented group, of which examples in literature are specifically dated 1700-05 (Neumann 86.S, Annis #5&6, A & M #3-4). All references identify them as as carried by English Naval officers. This example and Annis #5 both bear the crowned face maker's mark and all are almost certainly English made. The time was the War of Spanish Succession (1701-15) which attemp....

1,675.00 USD Served British cavalry in the French & Indian Wars as well as the Revolution!  ENGLISH CAVALRY TROOPER’S SWORD C.1750
Irish hilt form with 3/4 basket guard of flat bars with small scroll quillon. Bun form pommel. Black leather covered spirally grooved grip. 33 5/8” broad and narrow fullered s.e. blade with long false edge. Hilt and blade with old stable brown rust overall with surface degradation of various degrees. The blade length is indicative of an early example for these. See Neumann 265.S.

Pattern which served through most of the Napoleonic period and at Waterloo. 37 1/2” double fullered straight blade with ordnance/inspection marks at the forte. The back inscribed Mfture Imple du Klinegenthal octobre 1813. Large bronze hilt with triple scroll terminal side bars. The knuckle bow with ordnance marks and serial or issue number. Wire wrapped leather covered grip. The first inch of th....

£1,295 A 1796 heavy cavalry troopers sword
A 1796 heavy cavalry troopers sword

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£1295 Stunning, Early 18th Century, Ivory & Silver Hilted Talisman Symbol Sword
A Perfectly Charming and Delightful 18th Century Hunting Sword. Ivory hilt set with three silver headed rivets. Silver scroll end quillons. Long wide blade with rare mystical talisman symbols engraved throughout, including the profile head of the turbaned Grand Sultan [in the same manner as Sir Francis Dashwood´s portrait pose]. In the form of a fine nobleman´s hunting sword, primarily....

£1,295 very good double barrelled Flintlock Tap Action Pocket Pistol
A very good double barrelled Flintlock Tap Action Pocket Pistol

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£1295 Very Good Georgian Regency Small Sword Rapier In Bright Cut Steel
Circa 1805. Fine cut steel hilt with a very fine quality and complex multi patterned spiral wrap grip, in alternating copper and steel wires and bands. Oval disc guard with scalloped inner edge and cut steel twin headed nail head rivets. The triple edged blade is beautifully fine line engraved with scrolling designs. And it has a cut diamond patterned star engraved ovoid pommel. A most elegant swo....

£1,295 French year 13 Cavalry pistol
A French year 13 Cavalry pistol

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£1295 Superb Slotted Hilt Hangar Sword 1770 Silver Tape Bound Horn Grip
Very elaborate and unusual pieced slotting with two rows of demi lune crescents in cut steel. A sword used from the Revolution to the early 1800´s by British officer´s in the Infantry. This sword near identical to a sword carried by General Burgoyne of the Revolutionary War and a commanding officer of the time of Cornwallis. General John Burgoyne (24 February 1722 – 4 August 1792)....

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£1295 Rare 1788 British Light Dragoon Officer´s Sabre, Superb Blade
With highly detailed extravagently engraved blade with a mounted dragoon officer, a head of the Grand Turk, bearing a British ordnance inspection stamp. In it´s original leather and steel mounted scabbard. The 1788 Pattern Light Cavalry Sabre (1788 LC) is an example of an early “slashing” British weapon. Blade lengths were from 32 to 35.5 inches with pronounced curves, fullered, a....

€1500 Basque flintlock pistol, c. 1810-1820.
Description: Beautiful specimen, finely chiselled, with iron furniture and Miquelet lock. Barrel decorated with silver inlays, among which can be read the abbreviation “RADURAS” (“herraduras”, Spanish for “horseshoes”). Total Length: 18 cm. Restored belt hook. Very good conservation.

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£1275 Beautiful 18th Century Flintlock Long Pistol of Barbary Pirate Captains
A fine pistol exactly as was favoured by the ship´s captains of the Corsair and Barbary pirates. A most beautiful and impressive long barrel flintlock pistol, with chisselled brass mounts, the most stunning walnut stock and patination,and conveniently designed to fit in a wide cross belt sash, or, when on land in a flintlock pistol bucket when on horseback. A pistol with a long eared skull c....

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£1275 1745 50th ´Shirleys´ Regt. Of Foot Long Land Brown Bess Bayonet
A fabulous early pattern Brown Bess bayonet in stunning condition. A bayonet for a regiment with extraordinary history, ranging from combat against the French and their American Indian allies in the Americas, including, much of the regiment´s heinous massacre by the Native American Indian allies of General Montcalm, after the capture of Fort William Henry in 1757, to their service against Na....

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£1275 17th Century English Transitional Walloon Sword Likely of An Admiral.
A near pair to a sword carried by Vice Admiral Sir Christopher Myngs and possibly by the same maker. In very nice overall condition with a signed double edged armourer´s marked blade by Hn.Vincent. Cast bronze hilt beautifully relief decorated with cornucopia and seated figures bearing baskets of fruit. A most beautiful sword made in the mid 17th century during the reign of King Charles and ....

££1275 British Infantry Light Company Officers 1796 Pattern Sword with Blue & Gilt Blade

A British Infantry Light Company 1796 Pattern Officers sword variant with blue & gilt blade. The hilt is of typical stirrup form, of brass, as are the scabbard mounts. The scabbard is of blackened leather.
On each side of the blade the blued and gilt designs are in excess of 90% intact and clear. The outer side of the blade is patterned in three sections. Nearest the hilt is ....

1,600 GBP 15 bore officer's pistol by W. Jackson with roller frizzen and captive rammer.
In very good condition with rebrowned barrel
and some colour on the lock plate. C 1830. William Jackson worked for John
Manton from 1812 and was the successor in business to George Jackson of 15,
White Hart Yard, Drury Lane in 1829.

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£1265 Superb German Senior Officer´s Sword, Serving in the Ottoman Army of WW1
A very fine quality, and most rare, high ranking, high status, officer´s sword, made by WKC [Weyersberg and Kirschbaum et Cie.] of Solingen,with it´s blade also bearing the Constantinople based company name of B.P.Pappadopoulo & Fils, Ottoman officer´s private purchase sword suppliers, to German officers serving in the Ottoman armed forces. The hilt is cast with a full relief pat....

£1,250.00 Silver Mounted Pistol
A Very Good Silver Mounted Flintlock Box-Lock Pistol by London, Circa 1786. With octagonal to round turn-off barrel, struck below with London proofs, border decorated steel action, decorated to the right with what appears to be a bow surrounded by scrolling foliage and signed "e;London"e; to the left surrounded by wreaths, the tang decorated with a sun-burst, globular butt inlaid with scro....

Currently showing 651 to 700 of 1450 items.

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