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32" length with 24 3/8" broad d.e. blade decorated with bands and borders of punch work with four flowers to the forte each side. The center with a long reptile figure presumed to the the Nile crocodile. While appearing to be monolithic pierced work, the reptile is in fact, made separately and inset with such precision that it is undetectable. Purpose unknown: It is removable, perhaps interchangea....

A very interesting example of a French Solingen made small sword, possibly a Mourning Sword, dating from the early part of the 18thCentury

77.5cm (30.5) straight double edged diamond shaped narrow blade with needle point, and deep central fuller on both sides for the first 18cm. The blade is undecorated although the inside of the fuller is engraved with letters and symbols. One set appears to....

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£875 Very Good German Officer´s Lion´s Head Pommel Sword, WW2 Swastika Langet
Made by Alcoso of Solingen scales logo [Alexander Coppel GmbH ]. Lion head pommel with eagle and swastika quillon. The German Army (German: Heer, was the land forces component of the Wehrmacht, the German armed forces, from 1935 to 1945. The Wehrmacht also included the Kriegsmarine (Navy) and the Luftwaffe (Air Force). During World War II, a total of about 15 million soldiers served in the German....

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£875 Very Good 1790´s Steel Hilted British Rifles Officer´s Sword.
All steel hilt, original deeply exaggerated curved flat sided blade, steel ´P´ hilt with original wire bound leather grip. A beautifual sword in lovely condition for age. Prior to the 1803 pattern sword, the British Light Infantry regiment´s officers of the 95th, 60th & 52nd etc. had the option to purchase and carry the standard 1796 Infantry sword, but many felt it´s blade....

1,495 GBP French smallsword with colichemarde blade,silver gilt grip beautifully decorated hilt with gilt background and steel classical urns
- the hilt and pommel pierced with a
cruciform pattern. C 1750. Poss by Jean Baptise Fouasse

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£865 Very Good Early 19th Century ´Blue and Gilt´ Bladed Sword Stick
In most innocent looking bamboo, of very nice quality, with a stunning short rapier blade of trefoil shape, with superb blue and gilt engraved décor that is in excellent condition. In the King George IIIrd period ´blue and gilt´ engraved blade decor was reserved only for the very highest levels of society, for officer´s and gentlemen of status, due, mainly, to it´s gre....

A good example of this very rare sword to either the Scots Guards or Scots Fusiliers.

82.5cm (32.5) single fullered spear point blade, single edged except for the last 9, rounded back. The blade is plain except for the makers name, and a brass proof disc.

Brass knucklebow with regimental badge of the 3rd Scot Guards. Brass lions head pommel with short mane and brass back piece. The crossgua....

£850.00 Silver Plated Sword
Light Infantry Officer by Henry Wilkinson & Son, No: 10471, Circa 1860. With slightly curved single edged blade, double edged at the point, cut with a long deep central fuller and elaborately etched blade with original owners initials "e;H.D."e; and scrolling foliage, characteristic hilt with wire bound fish-skin grip, the hilt and scabbard have been silver plated (some areas of wear).....

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£845 Very Good Heer Officer´s Sabre WW2 Circa 1936
Gilt hilt with much original gilt remaining Swastika and Eagle langet, made by Alcoso. Alcoso of Solingen scales logo [Alexander Coppel GmbH Dove head pommel with eagle and swastika shield shaped quillon and deluxe oak leaf backstrap. Overall in fabulous condition. The German Army (German: Heer, was the land forces component of the Wehrmacht, the German armed forces, from 1935 to 1945. The Wehrmac....

Federal period C.1790. 24 1/8” straight s.e. blade with narrow back fuller, shows spotty dark gray patina. Brass hilt mounts with broad reversed scroll terminal guard. Faceted “cushion” form pommel and matching base ferrule to the reeded ebony grip. The pommel with eye for a chain guard no longer with it. Old worn over splinter to the grip below the pommel, otherwise hilt excellent.

825 Heavy Old Indian Tegha Sword with Silver Gilt Hilt

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£825 Very Good King William IVth Infantry Officers Sword 1830
With almost all it´s original mercurial gilt intact. Gothic hilt with King William IVth crest. Pipe back blade. This is the very kind of sword used by Lt. Bromhead [as played by Michael Caine in "Zulu"] at Rorkes Drift in 1879. Photo in the gallery from the film "Zulu" and Michael Caine as Bromhead with his sword [for information only not included]. The 1822 pattern of sw....

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£825 Good 17th Century English Hunting Sword. Inlaid With Gold Alloy Blade.
Latin inscription FIDES ED CVIVIDE [?] on both side of the blade in gold alloy. Staghorn grip steel hilt. 20 inch blade. In the days of the early Royal Navy, officers carried short swords in the pattern of hunting swords, with both straight or curved blades, fancy mounted single knucklebow hilts with principally stag horn or reeded ebony grips. The hilt was usually repousse with a floral and figur....

33 3/4" hollow face triangular blade, unadorned as is typical for these which came into fashion at this time and remained so through the Napoleonic period. The length is exceptional indicating an owner of above average stature. Iron hilt with faceted grip, and urn form pommel. The grip, guard and pommel each with alternating circular depressions interwoven with serpentine lines of inset faceted st....

Brass hilt with stirrup form guard slotted for a sword knot. Ribbed bone grip. 30 1/2” curved, broad fullered blade. Scroll end blued segment first half, decorated with arms and drum splay one side, arms with Liberty Cap and Stars & Bars the other, both with gold inlay intact. The base with foliate splay each side with the gold a little weaker. The blue faded at the forte as well but quite b....

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£820 French Mid to Late 19th Century Heavy Cavalry Sword
Typical Cuirassier double fullered 95 cm straight blade, aresenal engraved along the spine, Manf D´armes Du Chatl: Avril 1874 Cavalrie De Reserve [Cuirassiers] Mdl. 1854. All steel, single ring combat scabbard. Brass guard, somewhat of the Sabre de Cavalerie modele M1822 type, with replaced leather bound grip. Much of the French heavy cavalry wore armoured cuirass and were armed with their s....

Standard pattern, Peterson #30. Iron hilt, the knuckle bow dated 1821. Leather covered grip complete and intact. 32” clipped point broad fullered curved blade well marked at the forte in four lines, US/ P(proved)/ L S (Luther Saures, inspector) and N STARR. Blade crisp with mottled discoloration and minimal oxidation. Hilt excellent with glossy patina. Original scabbard with a few dents toward t....

Iron hilt decorated overall with a lattice of foliage with flower heads at the intersection. The silver strong and virtually complete but for light wear to the underside of the pommel and a few small flakes otherwise. 28 1/4" s.e. blade with strong ricasso with narrow fuller at each edge. Broad and narrow fullers each side nearly full length. Each side with a concentric circle mark at the forte an....

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£795 Very Good, Victorian British Empire Lt.Governor´s Bicorn and Sword
The sword bears all it´s original fire gilt and externally is in near mint condition. The steel blade is fully etched and bears areas of aged staining. A Lieutenant Governor is the representative of the monarch, in thas case Queen Victoria, and acts as the nominal chief executive officer of the realm, although by convention the lieutenant governor delegates actual executive power to the prem....

£795 A foot Guards Pattern 1854 Grenadier Guards Officer&#acute;s sword
A foot Guards Pattern 1854 Grenadier Guards Officer&#acute;s sword

£795 1751 type militia hanger.
A 1751 type militia hanger.

A 1751 type militia hanger. 34&157; overall with 28 1/2&157; straight blade with single narrow fuller. Brass bowl guard, knuckle bow and grip. Urn shaped pommel and ring turned grip. Complete with its original brass mounted black leather scabbard.
In very good condition apart from quillen which is broken off.
Circa 1750
Images courtesy of West Street Antiques (....

A very good example of a frost etched Royal Navy Reserve Officers sword, dating from WW1 complete with period RNR sword belt and original chamois leather lined transit bag

80cm (31.5) slightly curved single fullered blade with flat back and spear point, single edged except for the last 8. The blade is frost etched and bears on one side the crowned royal cypher for George V, scrolling oliage a....

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£795 Very Good Pre-War German Officers Sword Used In WW2
Photograph in the gallery of Field Marshal von Kliest with his identical sword. It has spent two whole days in the workshop having the hilt specialist hand cleaned to conserve the gilt finish. Pristine gilt remaining to the hilt, synthetic ruby stone eyes oak leaf backstrap. Super deluxe double etched blade. Made by Weyersberg of Solingen. Overall in fabulous condition. Paul Ludwig Ewald von Kleis....

£795 A Spanish Year xiii style flintlock pistol
A Spanish Year xiii style flintlock pistol

A Spanish(?) Year xiii style flintlock pistol.
15 1/2" overall, 9" round to octagonal 14 bore barrel. Rounded lock plate with throat hole cock and brass frizzen pan. With regulation brass mounts comprising birds head butt cap with lanyard ring. Brass trigger guard side plate and barrel band.
With walnut half stock and iron ramrod.

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£795 Good 1796 Infantry Sword With A Rarely Seen Pre 1800 Union Flag
This is a jolly nice example but with a small very rare feature of breeze blown flying union flag [pre-1800 Act of the Union version] engraved within the blade engraving. In 45 years we can only recall it on a very few examples of the many, many hundreds of these swords we have had during that time. The figure of a standing or seated Britannia bearing a union flag patterned shield was far more usu....

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£795 1796 British Flank Company Officer´s Sabre. With Copper Gilt Hilt
A most attractive sword based on the 1796 Light Dragoon sbare but slightly shorter for the benefit of an officer that fought on foot. The hilt is beautifully engraved with Union flag shield nd stands of arms, the lion´s head pommel and wire bound fishskin grip. The blade has fine engraving with royal cyphers and crest of the king. There is a lot of dark blue remaining and gilt within the eng....

£795 Rare 1864 Cavalry Trooper&#acute;s sword
A rare 1864 Cavalry Trooper&#acute;s sword

A rare 1864 Cavalry Trooper&#acute;s sword 40 1/2&157; overall. 35 ¼&157; slightly curved, spear pointed blade with broad fuller, signed &#acute;Mole&#acute; on the spine with inspector&#acute;s mark and &#acute;Robert Mole Birmingham&#acute; on the blade with inspector&#acute;s mark. Steel bowl guard pierced with Maltese cross and slots fo....

£795 1796 Light Cavalry Sword
A 1796 Light Cavalry Sword

A 1796 Light Cavalry Sword 37 1/2&157; overall with 33&157; broad curved blade with wide fuller. Stamped &#acute;Osborn & Gunby&#acute; on the back edge with a crowned &#acute;4&#acute; inspectors mark to right hand side. With stirrup hilt and wooden grip that has been altered to give an improved fit to the hand. In its iron scabbard with two suspension rings.

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£785 Good 17th Century English "Green Man" Hunting/Naval Sword
With cast brass guard that bears a shell guard with the head of the Green Man with two figures standing inverted either side. Superficially the Green Man would appear to be pagan, perhaps a fertility figure or a nature spirit, similar to the woodwose (the wild man of the woods), and yet he frequently appears, carved in wood or stone, in churches, chapels, abbeys and cathedrals. The blade bears a w....

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£785 1770´s Brass Hilted Boy´s or Midshipman´s Sword
An interesting boy´s or midshipman´s sword from the period of the American revolutionary war. Cast brass rococo hilt, with shell guard and knuckle bow. Overall length 36 inches. Good condition. There is a picture in the gallery by Thomas Rowlandson of a similar sword worn by a young boy officer [midshipman] of the Royal Navy in the 18th century. In the 18th century there were no regua....

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£775 Super George IIIrd British Army Drummer Boy´s Sword
With mythical beast pommel curved quillon and short double edged blade. No scabbard. This sword was used in the early 19th century by drummer boys in the British Army from the Napoleonic Wars up to the Crimean War in Russia. 20 inch blade. No scabbard. Superbly hand polished that has returned to it´s original service gold like finish. Blade polish to bright steel. ....

£775 Near mint 1885 pattern cavalry troopers sword.
Near mint 1885 pattern cavalry troopers sword.

 Near mint 1885 pattern cavalry troopers sword. 40&157; overall, 34 1/2&157; slightly curved blade with spear point and single broad fuller. Forte signed &#acute;weyfrsbrg kirschbuaum cie Solingen&#acute; and dated 1887, 6/1866 on the spine has inspectors marks and on the obverse has &#acute;WD&#acute; inspectors marks and &#acute;YC&#....

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£775 American Five Ball Hilt Spadroon Blue & Gilt Sword Thomas Jefferson Period
American late 18th century [1780´s ] to early 19th century blue and Gilt officer´s sword used in the early days of American history and the War of 1812. Although this is American the five ball hilted sword was very popular with English officers as well. Carved bone grip copper gilt hilt Ketland eagle pommel five ball quillon bar. Blue and gilt blade beautifully engraved with stands on ....

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£775 Most Intriguing 18th century Officer´s Sabre With Armourer´s Mark
Brass stirrup hilt with fishskin grip and very unusual hinge assembled guard, that is not intended to open ??. The armourer´s mark is a lion´s face somewhat similar to the 18th century London silver hallmark. A beautiful sword with some most scarce features. 31.75 inch blade. Likely bespoke made but for what kind of officer?, that is the question. Research must be undertaken!

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£765 Interesting 18th Century Flintlock Semi Holster Pistol
With very nice quality brass mounts and butt. The walnut stock is inlaid with thin lines of silver filigree. The shortened barrel is of steel as is the lock. Good tight action and a most unusual very early feature of the barrel tang screw coming up from the trigger recess instead of down to it, a form of barrel mounting more usually seen in the 17th century. It is likely this flintlock is possibl....

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£765 Very Attractive Napoleonic Prussian Infantry Pattern Sword
With good leather with it´s brass frog mounted scabbard and it´s integral brass chape with ball terminal. Blade etched with King Frederick´s cypher. Brass hilt with infantry regimental markings. Bright polished blade with remnant´s of old surface pitting. Leather quite sound with small areas of stiching apart. Line infantry composed the basis of land armies. During the Napo....

$995 USD German M1817/56 Artillery Sabre Rig
Cast brass one-piece hilt with integral ribbed grip, the
quillon block stamped with inventory number "2142" and a shield with "ZZ"
(Zurich Zeughaus). Gently curved 23 ½" single-edged blade with rudimentary false
edge for the last 4"; made without a fuller and stamped on the ricasso with "WESTER
& CO" one side and "SOLINGEN" on the ....

990 GBP infantry sword c1770.
This is a very elegant sword with a fishskin
grip and silver wire, half basket guard and urn shaped pommel. The blade has
armourer's stamps on both side but they are too distinct to read

19 1/2" length. 12 1/4" barrel, octagonal at the breech and sheathed in foliage engraved brass ahead. European lock with banana form plate and swan neck cock. Brass furniture decorated in foliage and animal scenes. Iron with glossy brown patina. A little wear overall. The side plate cracked and mended in its working life. Good large heavy early example.

1,300 GBP 18th Century 15 bore flintlock officer's pistol
by Hewson of London

1,300 GBP large smallsword style silver hilted rapier
With a boat shaped guard and attractive scroll
work on the guard, grip and knucklebow. Blade blued and guilded in the
Continental fashion. Origins unknown but looks to have been made in the 19th
Century. Length: 43 inches overall. Blade: 36ins.

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£750 Ko Tosho School [Swordsmith Made] Mumei Katana Tsuba Circa 1400
The strong, softly lustrous metal and very well cut, the large Hitsu-ana, and the antique chisel marks around the Hitsu-ana are all characteristic indications of early-Muromachi period works. Carved openwork clan mon. The Hitsu-ana, made when the guard was first produced, suggests that it is a work of the time of Yoshimitsu. A well worked and hammered plate. According to tradition, it says each t....

750 17th Century Indian ‘Firanghi’ Cavalry Sword

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£750 Good and Most Scarce German WW1 Lancer Officer´s Sword
With scaccard and fine brass hilt with lion´s head pommel, p hilt guard embellished with a stand of arms and the Iron Cross. The langets have a pair of lancer´s sword with a pair of lances crossed, under a laurel wreath. The grip is black sharkskin, wire bound. The combat scabbard is blackened steel. The German lancers were recognised as some of the finest in Europe, and in 1914 they ....

An excellent example of this famous sword which was carried by the British cavalry throughout WW1, and is still carried by cavalry officers today. Parade Standard.

89cm (35) straight single fullered blade with spear point. The blade is frost etched and on both sides has the crowned royal coat of arms above the royal cypher for George VI above a laurel wreath, and foliate strapwork. On one sid....

A rare sword with an outstanding blade and interesting connections to the Singapore Volunteer Artillery and the Clan MacDonald of Sleat.

84cm (33) straight single fullered blade with flat back and spear point. The blade is single edged except for the last 6. The blade is etched on the one side with the crowned royal coat of arms in a garter strap with the royal motto above the crowned cypher ....

A very good example of this rarest of all the regulation patterns by Kitchen of Sheffield a rare maker.

76cm (30) curved flat back blade with single fuller and hatchet point, the blade is double edged for the last 8. The blade is marked with the makers name, acceptance and inspection marks and the date of manufacture.

Stirrup hilt D shaped sheet metal guard, slightly offset to provide more ....

Pattern which served in the Revolution. See Neumann 160.S. The 1796 pattern was based on this pattern, but with variations. However, these earlier models conformed to the specifications and were used through the Napoleonic Wars. Fire gilt bronze hilt with sparse foliage decoration. Thickened edge double shell guard of one piece. Silver wire wrapped grip. 32 1/4” straight broad fullered blade dec....

Brass hilt cast in one piece with D form guard and ribbed grip. 30" curved broad fullered blade with crisp ordnance marks at the base. The back marked Mfure Armes Imp... Couloux Freres. The date obscured but appears to be 1811. The imperial designation is clear and definitely dates this example to Napoleons reign. Hilt shows good soft mixed patina with a few minor abrasions. Blade quite smooth wit....

Ordered in December 1818 by the US Government, which had no cavalry at the time, 10,000 of these were produced 1820-22 and distributed to state militias, North and South. The independence of states at the time was fundamental to the structure of the United States and state militias comprised a large part of the national military force. Accordingly, a large percentage of these served Southern Milit....

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