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£1,295 French year 13 Cavalry pistol
A French year 13 Cavalry pistol

A French year 13 Cavalry pistol. 14 ¼" overall. 8" round barrel dated 1813 at the breech, with inspector’s mark. Lockplate engraved ’Manuf Imp de Charleville’ with inspector’s mark. Throat hole cock & brass pan, regulation brass furniture with beak headed butt cap, ’S’ shaped sideplate & barrel ban....

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£1295 Most Impressive Jazail With Likely An East India Company Flintlock
Long Damascus barrel, long highly recurved-butt distinctive stock fully geometrically inlaid with mother o´pearl. This flintlock long gun from the North West Frontier has a simply stunning Damascus barrel of very nice quality, with what looks like top piece of a mosque dome chiseled and detailed at the breech. This is a handsome piece used from the 18th century, during the wonderfully fascin....

£1,295 A 1796 heavy cavalry troopers sword
A 1796 heavy cavalry troopers sword

A 1796 heavy cavalry troopers sword 40&157; overall.  34 1/4 &157; straight spear pointed blade. With pierced disk hilt and two langettes, knuckle bow, domed pommel and an eared backstrap with ribbed leather covered grip.
Circa 1800
In speckled condition from old rust.
Images courtesy of West Street Antiques (http://www.antiqu....

$1995 USD Dutch or German Walloon Sword/Scabbard, 18th C
All-steel hilt; featuring knucklebow and side guard linked
with a curving bar, decorated ensuite with double knob feature; the major bars
being attached to the spherical pommel by screws. Two side rings, each filled
with a pierced plate; integral steel grip and thumb ring on reverse. Slender
straight single-edged 31 ½" blade; possibly later than the hilt, but they have
been tog....

$1995 USD Fine Chiseled Steel Smallsword, Late 17th C
Steel hilt with symmetrical shell guard, pas d"e;ane, reverse
quillon, and knucklebow joining the ovoid pommel; pierced and chiseled ensuite
with acanthus, floral, and geometric designs; the high spots bright and the
recesses blackened to enhance the design. Grip with twisted steel wire wrap of
two sizes, finished with turks heads top and bottom. Slender hexagonal-section
32" bl....

30 1/4" d.e. blade with short broad fuller. Iron hilt with recurved cross guard, oval side guard with broad thumb ring opposite, and kite shaped pommel, all chiseled with stylized foliage and bands. Fine wood grip carved in chevrons each side with recessed divider along the tang. Possibly leather covered originally, now showing fine deep glossy patina. No evidence of ever having wire wrap. Hilt an....

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£1275 Fine 1690 Smallsword With a Finely Embossed Bronze Shell Guard Hilt
As used by the infamous and notorious Privateers of the late 17th to early 18th century. In very nice overall condition with a signed double edged armourer´s marked blade by Hn.Vincent. Cast bronze hilt beautifully relief decorated with cornucopia and seated figures bearing baskets of fruit. A most beautiful sword made from the era of King William IIIrd, and the Battle of the Boyne, through ....

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£1275 Beautiful, Exceptionally Long Flintlock Holster Pistol 18th Century.
This is a true beauty, with slender elegant lines and smooth texture. All brass furniture of nice quality. Finest walnut stock with a superlative original patina. The form of pistol used on horseback throughout the American War of Independence, the entire Napoleonic Wars and the Battle of Waterloo eras. This fine pistol has a long eared brass butt cap, a roccoco escutcheon, and long brass barrel ....

1850 Euro English Grenadier officer sabre
Sabre is all brass, rayskin covered grip, Hilt with the royal monogram GR Under a crown, blade is engraved with foliages and the coat of arms of Great Britain "Honi soit qui mal y pense" and "Dieu et mon Droit", circa 1810

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£1265 Superb German Senior Officer´s Sword, Serving in the Ottoman Army of WW1
A very fine quality, and most rare, high ranking, high status, officer´s sword, made by WKC [Weyersberg and Kirschbaum et Cie.] of Solingen,with it´s blade also bearing the Constantinople based company name of B.P.Pappadopoulo & Fils, Ottoman officer´s private purchase sword suppliers, to German officers serving in the Ottoman armed forces. The hilt is cast with a full relief pat....

Napoleonic period. 16 1/8" straight d.e. blade with broad medial fuller, mostly crisp and bright with some scattered pock marks pitting as expected for use at sea. Silver hilt with disk terminal recurved diamond shaped guard struck with a hall mark each side. Elegant ivory grip with expanded pommel, shaped with alternate bead and cusped bands. Silver base ferrule, pommel cap and urn form button. S....

Excellent quality and extraordinary proportions with 35 1/2" wedge section blade tapered from the hatched point. Blade shows distinct large whorl pattern pamir or pattern welded structure. Bronze hilt with finger stall grip. Each, inlaid with a horn segment each side. Integral scalloped guard and angled knuckle bow.

18th-early 19th century. The hilt with fire gilt bronze pommel and guard. Ebony grip inlaid with chiseled iron plates both sides and edges. Fine heavy 33 3/4" fighting blade, flattened diamond section with narrow fullers at the forte. Papal Chamberlains, technically, Chamberlain of the Sword and Cape, were appointed from the nobility and high ranking clergy. Some were hereditary, spanning centurie....

Revolutionary War period. This sword was made entirely in America based on then current European styles. The brass hilt is of the English pattern with single side loop to the cross guard, a feature which Norman dates as from about 1770 onward. The guard which was probably made by a candle stick maker is notably thicker than English examples. The back strap and pommel are thinner by contrast and th....

1950 USD Pre contract M 1860 Cavalry Saber - Ames 1859 dated
Pre contract dated 1859 Ames M 1860 Cavalry Saber . A hard to find saber in this condition.

1950 USD M1852 pre-war, Navel Officer -Small Pattern Horstmann K&C
A scarce and early M1852 Navel Officer Sword / Horstmann / Small Pattern With the seldom seen K&C blade marking. This small pattern is seldom found.

1950 USD American Briquet with Baltimore style Eagle Pommel
 The brass hilt has a 2 piece cast grip with a Baltimore style eagle

££1250 Late 17th Century English Brass Hilted Officers Sword

An attractive and functional late 17th century brass hilted English Officers sword. The hilt is formed with two moulded shell guards infilled with shallow brass plates with attractive foliate rosettes centred on the tang aperture on both upper and lower surfaces. The shell guards have moulded fluted borders same in style to the fluted the knuckle bow, pommel base, ricasso, pas d'ane rin....

££1250 Late 17th Century English Brass Hilted Officers Sword With Talismanic Date 1414 on Blade

A functional late 17th century English Officers broadsword. The hilt is of brass and formed with two moulded shell guards infilled with shallow brass plates. The underneath is decorated with scrolls and two grotesque faces - each lying either side of the blade. The knuckle bow is joined at the base with two scrolling bars and at the moulded top tucks into an aperture at the base of the pommel. ....

££1250 Scottish Basket Hilted Broad Sword dating to the early 18th Century

A representative early 18th century Scottish basket hilted broadsword. The basket is fashioned with two main frontal guard panels which are pierced with hearts and circles and incised with concentric cup and ring marks and lines. The sides of the guard plates are finely fretted at the edges with merlons. The frontal secondary guard plate is similarly pierced and decorated with a marked verti....

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£1250 Fine Bladed Shingunto Officer´s Sword Signed, Fully Polished Blade.
Fully combat covered in leather over wooden mounts. Brass tsuba of chrysanthemum type. Wonderful blade with undulating midare hamon. A WW2 tradfitional officers sword used in the Japanese Islands and surrendered in 1945. Japan launched a surprise attack on the United States Pacific fleet at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on December 7, 1941. The attack severely damaged the American fleet and prevented, at ....

££1250 Turkish Breast Plate (Krug) from the Ottoman Court Arsenal of Hagia Eirene

A Ottoman Turkish breast plate (Krug) dating to the first quarter of the 16th century. It comprises of a domed dish-shaped plate with fluted lines radiating from a central circular boss. The plain outer rim is struck with the mark of the Ottoman Court Arsenal at Hagia Eirene. The breast plate remains attached to its original five outer plates which would have protected the lower neck and ....

A very good example of a high quality British made Light Infantry Officers sword dating from c1800 with a very fine engraved and etched blade

This sword has been sold under our Lay a Way scheme.

67cm (26.5) heavily curved blade, with spear point, and flat back. The blade is sharpened on one side for its full length and on the other for the last 9.5. The edges have been combat sharpened. ....

£1,250.00 Brass Hilted Hanger
An English Brass-Hilted Hanger, Late 17th Century. With curved single edged blade struck with a blade smiths mark and cut with a slender fuller running along the back edge, elaborate faceted brass hilt comprising ornate rear quillon chiselled with geometric designs and button terminal, knuckle guard swelling at the centre and terminal decorated with chiselled geometric designs throughout, brass po....

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£1250 Good, Scarce, German 14th Kavallerie Regimental Sword and Knot
Used in WW2. Fully etched blade with full regimental name of the 14th Kavellerie and an etched panel of a cavalry charge, with all the troop wearing steel combat helmets. Steel p hilt black celluliod grip with wire binding. Black painted steel scabbard. The same type of sword worn by General der Kavallerie Edwin Graf von Rothkirch und Trach, who joined the 14th Kavellrie, aged 42, in 1930, as a ma....

£1,250.00 Flintlock Officers Pistol
A Flintlock Officers Pistol by H. Nock. Of regulation specifications, round russet barrel stamped "e;London"e; length top, signed, double line engraved lock, full-stocked in walnut with flat-sided butt, the grip has "e;EB 1836"e; scratched into it and is impressed with what appears to be a stockers mark? regulation brass furniture including plain trigger guard, side-plate and ramro....

£1,250.00 Fine Pocket Pistol
A Fine 40-Bore Flintlock Pocket Pistol by H. Tatham Jnr of London. With round brass turn-off barrel, decorated with a band of foliage at the muzzle and a band of foliage at the breech, profusely engraved brass action, decorated with panel of foliage to the left and signed "e;H. Tatham Junr, 37 Charing Cross"e; on a scroll above stands of arms, sliding thumb-piece safety catch, slab-sided w....

£1,250.00 Rifled Tap-Action Pistol
A Scarce Rifled Flintlock Tap-Action Pistol by D. Anderson, Circa 1810. With brass round turn-off rifled barrels stamped with Birmingham proofs, border engraved brass action engraved with a stand of arms to one side and signed "e;D.Anderson"e; on a banner over an engraved panel, thumb-piece safety catch also locking the steel, chequered butt (small crack to top of stock and where the stock....

Fully functional scaled down swords were produced for boys destined to be warriors, primarily the sons of nobles. This all steel example, scaled to 2/3 full size, is among the earliest. It is from a well known group of full sized examples of the same form and details, including remnants of gilt decoration. It is further distinguished by retaining its original leather covered scabbard, now slightly....

1900 USD Import Cavalry Officer Sword with etched panel US and Eagle
Unusual enlisted pattern with officer style etched blade

The rapier with single side loop was first used in the second quarter of the 17th century and remained in use through the end of the 18th century. By the last quarter of the 17th century, it was scaled to respond to evolving fencing techniques. The iron hilt is decorated with silver overlay in stipple line work. The shell guard is adorned inside and out with foliage, with an exotic bird, perhaps w....

1,900 GBP 20 bore flintlock pistol by Tow (later Griffin & Tow) of London. C 1780.

CANADIAN BROWN BESS: .75 Cal. Circa 1810. Maker Ramsay Sutherland. Ramsay Sutherland had the contract for New Brunswick. They furnished the lion’s share of the guns for the New Brunswick Militia. The stock is excellent showing only the usual signs of usage of a service musket. On the butt is scratched the original owner’s initials “G B” and his regimental number “18&....

Brass hilt with fully modeled lion head pommel, double shell guards and three bar guards connected to the knuckle bow. Large thumb ring to the left side. Down curved quillon and chevron pattern heavy brass wire wrapped grip. 28 1/4" curved single fullered, s.e. blade, well decorated first third with trophies of arms, foliage and motto Pro Deo fide et Patria. Blade excellent with decoration crisp a....

Iron hilt with wire wrapped barred grip. 36" d.e. blade marked POR EL REY CARLOS III/CAVALLERIA T.o. 1771. Classic as served in the New World and illustrated in numerous standard references including Swords and Blades of the American Revolution (296.S). This example identical to Spanish Military Weapons in Colonial America, p.82 including the inscription and date. Blade nicked both edges. The hilt....

Pattern based on the British 1804naval cutlass with figure eight guard and cylindrical iron grip. 28 1/2" straight s.e. blade struck with a star on the right side. Stable black oxidation overall. Guard edge with a small nick and the blade with some shallow nicks and light wear.

22 1/2" total length with 18 1/4" thick medially ridged tapering blade. Cruciform hilt with spatulate quillon terminals and flattened pommel matching. Original dark horn grip with lightly incised decoration over wear from use. Heavy ageing throughout. Blade and hilt with age rust growth. The grip with sound with a few worm holes. Condition suggestive of being lost for four centuries, perhaps secre....

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£1200 Most Delightful Late 18th Century Flintlock Tinderbox and Candlestick
All brass body and stand with brass handle holder and steel frizzen. Fitted with original flint. Although having the appearance of a free standing flintlock pistol this most interesting curiosity was once an essential part of a lady´s or gentleman´s life. To create flame was a complex affair before the days of matches and cigarette lighters and to have such a contraption was both a fun....

1850 USD Medical Staff Officer / Surgeon Model 1840-Horstmann
 Model 1840 Medical Staff Officer / Surgeons sword

This fighting sword draws its fulsome proportions from the leading Italian sword manufacturing center of the period, Brescia. The bronze hilt was silvered overall and retains considerable silver. It was cast and hand chiseled in a matrix of diamonds which was both pleasing to the eye and functional. The pattern on the guard served to catch an opponents blade while that on the grip provided improve....

20 1/2" heavy wedge section blade with narrow back fuller. Iron hilt with single scalloped edge side loop with pierced plate to the guard, very delicately pierced and completely undamaged. Matching scalloped knuckle bow and down turned quillon. Ovoid pommel fretted to match. Iron grip with fretted terminals and serpentine decoration. Condition consistent with it age, with gray patina and scattered....

1850 USD M 1840 Cavalry Saber for Mass.- Ames, dated 1851
M 1840 Cavalry Saber - Ames - Massachusetts Marked

1850 USD Militia Officer, Helmet pommel, Eagle guard, MOP grip
Knight head pommel, Mother of Pearl grips raised eagle guard

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£1195 Superb 1796 Blue and Gilt Infantry Officer´s Sword
With copper gilt hilt, silver wire grip and fully engraved blade with King George IIIrd cypher with good remaining amounts of the finest blue and gilt décor. Used during the Peninsular War in Spain, the American War in 1812, and the Battle of Waterloo era. Quite a few examples survive till today of this pattern of sword from this era, but, very few indeed survive in good condition, with a lot....

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£1195 17th Lancers Officers Heavy Cavalry Sword of WW1
Fully deluxe engraved basket guard of the 1912 pattern. Apparently it was re-bladed during the reign of King George Vith at the Army Supply Stores. Typical steel scabbard, regimentally stamped for the 17th Lancers at the throat. The 17th Lancers (Duke of Cambridge´s Own) was one of the great and famous cavalry regiments of the British Army. A cavalry regiment, notable for its participation i....

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£1195 English Officer´s Flintlock Napoleonic Wars Period
An officer´s pistol of the Napoleonic Wars. With brass tipped ramrod. Lock signed and with rolling frizzen. Good action and finely engraved brass mounts with pineapple finial trigger guard. Juglans regia walnut stock. Used by an officer in the Peninsular campaign and the Battle of Waterloo era. Good working action 14.5 inches long overall. As with all our antique guns no license is required ....

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£1195 Very Fine Regimental 27th Foot [Inniskillings] Land Pattern Bess Bayonet
These original Land pattern Brown Bess socket bayonets are now as rare as hen´s teeth. The 1st Land pattern Bess is now a rare and beautiful gun that can command 5 figure sums to acquire, so it´s bayonet, that is just as historical and collectable, is a very affordable option by comparison. A Mid 18th century Land Pattern ´Brown Bess´ Bayonet. 21.5 inches long, approx. 17 i....

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£1195 Very Fine Carved Ivory Bull Dog´s Head Sword Stick
A super Victorian silver mounted sword stick with a delightful carved bull dog´s head handle, and two hallmarked silver bands. A great conversational piece, and one can ponder over of the kind of gentleman who would have required such a piece of personal defence paraphernalia. Although one likes to think that jolly old Victorian England had a London full of cheerful cockneys and laddish chi....

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£1195 Regimental 1853 Pat. Trooper´s 6th Dragoon´s Sword Of the Crimean War
A good regimentally marked sword from B troop the 6th Dragoons. It is a British 1853 pattern ´Heavy & Light Cavalry Sabre´ in original steel battle scabbard. The 6th Dragoon´s one of the great heavy cavalry regiments of the British Army. ´The Inniskillins´, as the regiment was known, took part in the Charge of the Heavy Brigade at the Crimea. The lesser known, but muc....

£1,195 infantry officers 1845-54 pattern sword
An infantry officers 1845-54 pattern sword

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