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£1275 1745 50th ´Shirleys´ Regt. Of Foot Long Land Brown Bess Bayonet
A fabulous early pattern Brown Bess bayonet in stunning condition. A bayonet for a regiment with extraordinary history, ranging from combat against the French and their American Indian allies in the Americas, including, much of the regiment´s heinous massacre by the Native American Indian allies of General Montcalm, after the capture of Fort William Henry in 1757, to their service against Na....

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£1275 17th Century English Transitional Walloon Sword Likely of An Admiral.
A near pair to a sword carried by Vice Admiral Sir Christopher Myngs and possibly by the same maker. In very nice overall condition with a signed double edged armourer´s marked blade by Hn.Vincent. Cast bronze hilt beautifully relief decorated with cornucopia and seated figures bearing baskets of fruit. A most beautiful sword made in the mid 17th century during the reign of King Charles and ....


£1250.00 H.W. Mortimer Pistol

A 12-Bore Percussion Officers Pistol by H.W. Mortimer & Son. With browned octagonal sighted barrel, engraved W Mortimer & Son London Gun Maker To His Majesty foliate engraved tang incorporating back-sight, border engraved lock decorated with sprays of foliage and signed H.W. Mortimer & Son, converted from flint to percussion, full stocked in walnut cut with intricate chequering at th....

£1250.00 Basket Hilted Sword

1828/65 Patt. GV. BASKET HILTED BROADSWORD to the GORDON HIGHLANDERS by Wilkinson No.45424 (1914-15). The etched blade bears the insignia of the GORD. HIGHS. Retained in its brown leather field scabbard with plated steel chape.

Blade Length: 82 cm (32.28 Inches)
Overall Length: 100 cm (39.37 Inches)

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£1250 Good, Scarce, German 14th Kavallerie Regimental Sword and Knot
Used in WW2. Fully etched blade with full regimental name of the 14th Kavellerie and an etched panel of a cavalry charge, with all the troop wearing steel combat helmets. Steel p hilt black celluliod grip with wire binding. Black painted steel scabbard. The same type of sword worn by General der Kavallerie Edwin Graf von Rothkirch und Trach, who joined the 14th Kavellrie, aged 42, in 1930, as a ma....

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£1250 Fine Bladed Shingunto Officer´s Sword Signed, Fully Polished Blade.
Fully combat covered in leather over wooden mounts. Brass tsuba of chrysanthemum type. Wonderful blade with undulating midare hamon. A WW2 tradfitional officers sword used in the Japanese Islands and surrendered in 1945. Japan launched a surprise attack on the United States Pacific fleet at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on December 7, 1941. The attack severely damaged the American fleet and prevented, at ....

££1250 Late 17th Century English Brass Hilted Officers Sword

An attractive and functional late 17th century brass hilted English Officers sword. The hilt is formed with two moulded shell guards infilled with shallow brass plates with attractive foliate rosettes centred on the tang aperture on both upper and lower surfaces. The shell guards have moulded fluted borders same in style to the fluted the knuckle bow, pommel base, ricasso, pas d'ane rin....

A rare and very unique sword with an outstanding blade and interesting connections to the Singapore Volunteer Artillery and the Clan MacDonald of Sleat made for the coronation of Edward VII

84cm (33) straight single fullered blade with flat back and spear point. The blade is single edged except for the last 6. The blade is etched on the one side with the crowned royal coat of arms in a gart....

Late 18th century. Styling influenced by Ottoman swords, with 28” curved slightly rounded faced blade, evidently remounted from an Indopersian shamshir and possibly watered steel. Silvered hilt with large hand engraved splay of arms, flags and shields each side. Considerable original heavy silver overlay remaining. Probably Hungarian serving in the defense against the Turks with which the fronti....

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£1195 Good and Sound, Untouched in 200 Years, 1796 British Officer´s Sabre
A Light Infantry Company Officer´s sword. Based on the 1796 Light Dragoon sabre, but slightly shorter for foot combat efficiency. During the Peninsular War officer´s assigned to the Light companies often felt they required a better sword than the thin, straight bladed, standard 1796 infantry officer´s sword prevalent at the time. Thus have a sword custom made, based on the blade ....

£1,195 An uncommon Household CavalryTrooper’s sword
An uncommon Household CavalryTrooper’s sword

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£1195 Very Fine Regimental 27th Foot [Inniskillings] Land Pattern Bess Bayonet
These original Land pattern Brown Bess socket bayonets are now as rare as hen´s teeth. The 1st Land pattern Bess is now a rare and beautiful gun that can command 5 figure sums to acquire, so it´s bayonet, that is just as historical and collectable, is a very affordable option by comparison. A Mid 18th century Land Pattern ´Brown Bess´ Bayonet. 21.5 inches long, approx. 17 i....

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£1195 Superb 1796 Blue and Gilt Infantry Officer´s Sword
With copper gilt hilt, silver wire grip and fully engraved blade with King George IIIrd cypher with good remaining amounts of the finest blue and gilt décor. Used during the Peninsular War in Spain, the American War in 1812, and the Battle of Waterloo era. Quite a few examples survive till today of this pattern of sword from this era, but, very few indeed survive in good condition, with a lot....

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£1195 Regimental 1853 Pat. Trooper´s 6th Dragoon´s Sword Of the Crimean War
A good regimentally marked sword from B troop the 6th Dragoons. It is a British 1853 pattern ´Heavy & Light Cavalry Sabre´ in original steel battle scabbard. The 6th Dragoon´s one of the great heavy cavalry regiments of the British Army. ´The Inniskillins´, as the regiment was known, took part in the Charge of the Heavy Brigade at the Crimea. The lesser known, but muc....

£1,195 A Scottish Basket hilted 1828 Officer’s Sword
A Scottish Basket hilted 1828 Officer’s Sword

A Scottish Basket hilted 1828 Officer’s Sword 39" overall, 33" broadsword blade with single fuller well etched on one side with thistles, George V cipher & Royal coat of arms, and ’Henry Wilkinson, Pall Mall, London’. On the side thistles, London Scottish regimental badge & Wilkinson proof mark. Basket hil....

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£1175 Superb, Ching Dynasty, Chinese Pirates Sword With Armour Piercing Blade
With brass guard, cross-hatched carved hardwood grip and a most substantial and very powerful wedge shaped armour piercing blade in fantastic condition bearing just surface rust, almost an incredible half inch thick at the forte of the blade. There is no Chinese armour or chain mail that this blade could not penetrate with the skill of the best swordsman. Circa 1800, In it´s original hard le....

1.400 euro very nice Antique 17th Century Dutch Small Sword by JOHANNIS HENCKELS (Solingen)
A very nice Antique 17th Century Dutch Small Sword by JOHANNIS HENCKELS (Solingen), length 102 cm, in very good condition. Price 1.400 euro

£1,150 Dutch hanger
A Dutch hanger

A Dutch hanger 32&157; long, 26 1/2&157; curved blade with single narrow fuller. Pierced shell guard, 2 bar hilt with globular pommel, wooden grip with 2 brass ferrules and very unusually with its original leather scabbard.
Sword blade with old salt and pepper pitting, wire grip lacking, wooden grip split. Scabbard in very good condition for age, leather still stiff, small hole....

£1,145 A 3 Bar Royal Artillery officers sword
A 3 Bar Royal Artillery officers sword

English inspired with distinct American styling. Scalloped edge oval guard set with six faceted stud clusters. Slender elements with faceted grip and urn form pommel. A little very superficial staining but near all original blue turned to brown, to the hilt. 32 3/4" hollow face triangular blade with etched and gilt ripple edged panel Wells & Co New York at the forte with two large flowers oppo....

Gilt hilt with raided edge dish shaped guard supporting the ball terminal cross guard. Flattened knuckle bow secured to the pommel with a screw. The hilt with most of its original fire gilt intact. 33 3/4” flattened diamond section blade. Swords of this form were used for dueling as well as defense in the streets. See European Weapons and Armour, Oakeshott, pl. 21b for another example.

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£1100 Very Good & Beautiful British 1796 Infantry Sword Named To The Officer
Named to Lieutenant Edgecombe, with his regiment, the West Kent. This is a superb sword with an ancestral back sword blade from a Highland regimental sword of the 1750´s, made by Drury. The gilt on this sword is very good indeed, and the blade is GR Drury stamped on both blade faces. One may assume it was carried by his father and/or grandfather in his military service in a Highland regiment....

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£1100 Superb Pair of Original Wilkinson Sword Cutlasses Presentation Mounted
Antique original sailor´s hand to hand combat cutlasses made for the Royal Navy in the late Victorian period in 1900 from the days of sail and dreadnoughts. Each is Wilkinson sword marked and ordnance inspected and stamped in 1900. Used on the Royal Navy´s ships of the line until at least 1949. placed into War Dept. storage after WW2. They were then sold by the Ministry of Defence in a....

£1,095 East India Company cavalry pistol.
East India Company cavalry pistol.

BRITISH P.1796 INFANTRY OFFICER’S SWORD: Maker: J.J. RUNKEL, SOLINGEN. Gilt brass hilt retaining much of the original gilt. Silver wire grip is excellent. Very nice blade with most of the gold inlay intact. Some stain spots on the blade. The black leather, gilt brass mounted scabbard is very nice. This was the most common pattern used by Infantry Officers during the Napoleonic Wars and the W....

CANADIAN HIGHLAND BROADSWORD: With the cross bar hilt of the SEAFORTH AND ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS.. Maker: W.H. BANFIELD & SONS, TORONTO. Banfield was one of only 2 or 3 sword makers known to have made swords in Canada. His Company was primarily a tool and die company and were tinsmiths as well. They operated from 1877-1919. His sword making enterprise was to capitalize on the dema....

1,385.00 USD DUTCH CUTLASS C.1775
See Swords for Sea Service, Pl.118 for a similar, naval issue example. Brass hilt with two side bars and knuckle bow secured to the pommel with a screw. Wire wrapped leather covered grip. 26 1/2" curved narrow fullered blade produced in Germany and exported throughout Europe for nearly a century. They were used for an extensive array of swords from the British M.1742 and M.1752 hangers, to civilia....

Dating to the War of Spanish Succession which was manifest in North America as Queen Annes War involving French forces from Canada warring with English/American in the northeast coastal regions. As well, Spanish Florida, fought the English colony of Carolina. A new sword style gained popularity and as a result of the success of John Churchill, Duke of Marlborough, became known as the Marlborough p....

Iron hilt with “melon slice” guard and reeded cast iron grip, retaining near all original black paint finish. 25 3/4” curved wedge section blade, narrow fullered for half its length. Blade shows old smooth dark staining with a few isolated small areas of pitting, negligible for its age and use. The most identifiable type with examples well represented in literature. Meeting the demand for sh....

Napoleonic period, distinctive type. Brass hilt with folding side guard, so called attack guard". See Swords for Sea Service, pl.97. 29" broad and narrow fullered blade unmarked as expected. Brass hilt with scalloped edge slotted guard. Each side with a circular inset to the middle of the slot. Line bordered knuckle bow beneath matching, pivoting guard which opens to 90O angle, secured with a spri....

17th century with iron hilt chiseled in high relief in naturalistic foliage. That form of decoration is specifically related to the reign of Shah Jahan and earlier (pre 1658) deemed to date any piece so decorated to that period. 30 3/4" curved s.e. blade with double fullers and slightly raised false edge, the ricasso struck with a maker's mark. The surface shows evidence of pattern welding wit....

£1,045 . Pattern 1796 light cavalry officer&#acute;s sword
. Pattern 1796 light cavalry officer&#acute;s sword

A  Pattern 1796 light cavalry officer&#acute;s sword with curved fullered  blade 39 1/2&157; overall, 35" fullered blade engraved with trophy of Arms and Crown GR. D shape knucklebow Hilt domed pommel  In it original scabbard
Good condition
Images courtesy of West Street Antique....

1.250 euro very nice antique pair 18th Century small English Flintlock Pocket Pistols by PARKES BIRMINGHAM
A very nice antique pair 18th Century small English Flintlock Pocket Pistols by PARKES BIRMINGHAM, caliber 9 mm, length 16.5 cm, in very good condition. Price 1.250 euro

1250 Euro Harbour Gendarmerie 1 st Empire flintlock pistol
Pistol type of the model Year 9 with brass mounts, no markings, like often on those models made by the private market

1250 Euro English daragoon officer's sword
Sword is gilded brass mounted, ivory grip with escutcheon with initials, upper mount of the scabbard with the name of the maker, lightly pitted blade

1.250 euro very nice Japanese WWII Naval Katana Sword with an Officers Tassel
A very nice Japanese WWII Naval Katana Sword with an Officers Tassel, length 98 cm, in very good condition. Price 1.250 euro

BRITISH ROYAL AIR FORCE OFFICER’S SWORD: Retailer: “J & H MOSS CAMBRIDGE CIRCUS, SHAFTESBURY AVENUE – W.C.2 – PHONE REGENT 1814”. Beautiful bright etched blade with the Royal Coat of Arms on the left side and Crown over RAF Eagle on the right side. The ricasso bears the “PROVED” Disc of
Wilkinson. The brass guard bears the Cypher of George V an....

1,300 GBP presentation infantry officer's sword as a memento of friendship from Major Goldsworthy to Robert Lane dated 1835 by Prosser.
The blade is engraved and pipe backed and the
hilt is gilt brass including the insignia of William 1V. The whole in very
good condition

1,300 GBP 18th Century 15 bore flintlock officer's pistol
by Hewson of London

£995.00 French Flintlock Pistol

A French Flintlock Holster Pistol, Signed Antoine Dumarest', Circa 1780. With browned hexagonal to round two-stage tapering sighted barrel, engraved with scrolling foliage (rubbed) retaining traces of original gilding, border engraved tang, flat border engraved lock, signed and decorated with a spray of foliage at the tail of the lock, beautifully figured walnut full stock with raised mouldi....

£995 1912 Cavalry Officer&#acute;s sword
An 1912 Cavalry Officer&#acute;s sword

8135 An 1812 Cavalry Officer&#acute;s sword. 43 1/2&157; overall with 35&157; straight fullered blade, engraved &#acute;Mirrlees Chassels 1935&#acute; and &#acute;Wilkinson Sword Co Ltd. London.&#acute; Numbered 65181 on the spine. With engraved bowlguard, fishskin grip with gilt twisted wire. Contained in its pig skin field service scabbard.
65181 for 1....

£995 French attack hilted Infantry officers spadroon.
A French attack hilted Infantry officers spadroon.

A French attack hilted Infantry officers spadroon. 35&157; overall, 30&157; narrow, slightly curved blade signed &156; GOZE Marchand Fourbiheur A METZ &157;. D Shaped steel hilt with extra folding side guard, original black leather and twisted gilt wire grip,
circa 1770.
In good condition, lacking scabbard.
Charles Goze was a maker of fine....

An excellent original example of a rare sword from the time of the American British war of 1812, with a less common Inspectors mark.

85.5 (33.75) curved unfullered flat blade with square back, single edged except for clipped point. The blade is stamped with the makers name. LS (Luther Sage) P Proved and US.

Angled iron stirrup hilt with rearward facing downward quillon, beak nose pommel ....

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£995 1796 Infantry Sword of James Hilton, the 48th Foot, the Heroes of Talavera
with photos of his Memoriam Card and medal [lacking two bars]. A sword that belonged to a man who served in the 48th foot, the Northamptonshire Regt. His name is inscribed on the folded guard of the gilt bronze hilt. It has a very good silver grip and typical blade. We have polished the silver grip but left the gilded hilt exactly as it is to show it´s untouched authenticity. We show photos ....

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£995 Very Fine US Civil War Cavalry M40 Pattern Sabre By F Horster
Traditional brass three bar hilt with wire bound grip, steel slashing blade with maker mark of F. Horster, bright steel combat scabbard. F Hoster was a well regarded German US Cavalry blade importer for the Civil War supply. Many of his Civil War period swords are in the best US collections of swords from that tragic and devastating internecine war. A rule of thumb with imported US cavalry sabers ....

£995 A French Heavy Cavalry M1854 Sword,
A French Heavy Cavalry M1854 Sword,

A French Heavy Cavalry M1854 Sword, 44&157; overall, 37&157; straight, multi-fullered ANXI blade with Spear point. Blade with inpectors marks, back edge engraved M-F&#acute;ture Rie&#acute; du KlingenthaXbre 1814l . A four bar brass hilt with brass pommel, original leather with brass wire, hilt with inspectors stamp, &#acute;B&#acute; under a star. Numbered....

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£995 Napoleonic Grenadiers Sword Bearing Boutet´s Versailles Stamp
Another Waterloo gem!. All of the Elite Imperial Guard sword hilts were supplied from Versailles. The Versailles Director was Nicolas-Noel Boutet, probably the greatest & most respected arms maker that has ever lived, his pistols and guns, made for King Louis XVI and Napoleon, are some of the most beautiful objects ever created by man. This grenadiers sword was made at the Versailles and carried b....

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£995 Very Good Early 19th Century Cossack Kindjal Sword Signed Blade
With a very rare feature of quality, a very fine carved one piece carved horn grip with two steel rivets, [99% of them have two thin panel grips rivetted either side of the tang]. Very good two fullered blade off set from centre, with signed script cartouche. Original leather covered iron mounted scabbard. As worn by all the Cossacks, such as, for example the Kuban Cossacks (Russian Kubanskiye Kaz....

£995 26 An 1803 Flank Company sword.
26 An 1803 Flank Company sword.

An 1803 Flank Company sword. 32&157; overall with 27&157; sharply curved blade with faded blue and gilt decoration, with crown &#acute;GR&#acute; and trophy of arms. Gilt brass pierced hilt with lions head pommel and grey fish skin grip. In its leather and gilt brass mounted scabbard with frog stud and two suspension rings. Signed &#acute;JJ Gillet Cutlers and C....

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