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Iron hilt with exaggerated P form guard and leather covered grip (wire removed). 26" curved broad fullered blade marked EISENBACH 833 with no ordnance or government marks indicating it was retailed, not government contract. Blade shows about 85% smooth surface, the rest heavily pitted in patches-typical Confederate condition as these were secreted in walls, under floors etc. in the expectation tha....

Morocco, 19th century, perhaps as early as the Tripolitan Wars of the early 1800's. By one account, Kabyle Berbers in segregated units serving the French, fought in Mexico in the 1850's with these. Large hilt suitable for one or two hand use with the first finger locked in the hook below the ring pommel. Exposed tang and thick horn grip scales, the right, incised with decorative geometry. ....

Iron hilt of form unique to this type. Thick swelled medial ridged grip. The downturn quillons each with large boxed form monster head terminal. Fancy scalloped langets. Ribbed deeply dished scalloped edge pommel, with separate top plate. 31 1/4" slightly curved wedge section blade with long false edge, shows speckles fine pitting and blotchy discoloration only. Hilt dark with light pitting, few f....

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£485 WW1 US Naval Officer´s Sword
Named to [Lt. Commander in 1914, later, Captain by 1939] Glenn S Burrell USN. Very good original gilt mounts, overall in very nice order, the blade is very good, but has a small area of rusting at the forte by the officer´s name.

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£485 1856 Pattern Royal Marines Drummer´s Sword, Rare Curved Blade
Pattern. Sword in good condition, with Royal Marines markings, but the scabbard is very poor but we are having it carefuuly restored. An unusual version of the Victorian bandsman sword as the straight bladed version is far more standard. The price includes the repair but the photos don´t show it yet

£475.00 Unusual Victorian Gentleman’s Silver Mounted Varnished ‘Cabbage Stem’ Sword Stick Engraved ‘Souvenir De Paris Exposition 1900’ & ‘G.F. Letts West Haddon’. Sn 12271 -
The Exposition Universelle of 1900 was a world’s fair held in Paris, France, from 15 April to 12 November 1900, to celebrate the achievements of the past century and to accelerate development into the next. The fair, visited by nearly 50 million, displayed many machines, inventions, and architecture that are now nearly universally known, including the Grande Roue de Paris Ferris wheel, Russi....

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£475 Napoleonic Wars French ´Charleville´ Musket Bayonet
An unusual example as all the socket´s barrel dimensions match the year 9 musket, but it the blade is quite a measure longer than standard. This may indicate it was for a French regiment that used a shorter carbine length musket, and thus required a longer bayonet to make up the length in order to reach an enemy on horseback. Traces of an inspectors stamp and numbering on the blade. The Batt....

£475.00 WW1 Italian Model 1871/ 1909 Cavalry Trooper’s Sword With Pipe Back Blade & Scabbard. Sn 12555:2 -
This is an Italian Model 1871/ 1909 Cavalry Trooper’s Sword (see page 129 of World Swords By Withers). These swords were used by the Italian Cavalry during WW1. It’s slightly curved 35 /2" steel pipeback blade is undamaged with just light staining consistent with age. It has a full steel knuckle guard with recessed thumb guard, ’birds head’ pommel with chequering and p....

£475 Indian Matchlock musket
An Indian Matchlock musket

An Indian Matchlock musket 73&157; overall, 54&157; round barrel slightly swamped at muzzle with upright rear sight. Iron lockplate with matchlock dog blade trigger underneath. Plain hardwood full stock. Barrel retained with copper bands. C1800.
Quite good condition for age.
  Images courtesy of West Street Antiques (http://www.antiquearmsandarmour.com....

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£475 Koto Era Samurai Katana Sword Guard Tsuba, Circa 1500
In iron with inlaid clan mon in brass, depicting many swastika symbols. An most interesting and ancient piece of Samurai history. Although today, we look at brass as an inexpensive and common metal. In ancient times, brass was highly prized until the technology of mass-producing it was invented.
The yellow colour of brass resembles gold but brass is much harder and more durable. Before its use o....

£475.00 Belgian Sea Service Pistol

A Belgian Flintlock Sea Service Pistol, Circa 1800. With round barrel stamped with Liege proofs, plain tang, rounded regulation lock, full-stocked in walnut, brass mounts comprising trigger guard and butt cap fitted with lanyard ring.

Bore: 16 Bore
Barrel Length: 9 Inches (22.86 cm)
Overall Length: 16 Inches (40.64 cm)

A very nice example of a European Hunting Hanger dating from c1750

57cm (22.5) unfullered flat backed blade with rounded spear point, single edged except for the last 5. The blade on both sides with stylised animals one of which appears to be a running boar and the other a stag? There are faint traces of other foliate engravings which have now been polished out,

Cast brass hilt with stirr....

475 very nice Antique 19th century English Infantry Officers Sword with etched blade and Berlin Silver Hilt
A very nice Antique 19th century English Infantry Officers Sword with etched blade and Berlin Silver Hilt, length 106 cm, in very good condition. Price 475

£475.00 Swiss Model 1842-75 Sapper & Pioneer’s Gladius Saw Back Short Sword / Side Arm By ‘SJG NEUHAUSEN’ & Scabbard. Sn 12007 -
This is an excellent original Swiss Gladius form 1842-75 Pattern side arm. These side arms were issued to Pioneer and Sapper Units. The weapons have a Neo-classical design based upon the Roman Gladius. The hilt is constructed entirely of brass with a grip which is patterned with raised ribs or rings. This example has the correct straight edged blade with saw back. The blade is 20 ½” in ....

£475.00 Victorian Customs Officer’s Briar Sword Stick By Mole Birmingham. Sn 12029 -
Victorian Customs Officer’s carried sword sticks not only for self defence against smugglers but also to test bales and other consignments for hidden contraband. This is an excellent, original Victorian Customs Officer’s sword stick. Made of briar, it is 36 3/4" overall in its scabbard. The heavy duty square blade is 29 ¾” in length tapering to a needle sharp point. The ....

£475.00 C 1840 Flintlock Pocket Pistol By L.R. Evans Of London. Sn 6210. -
This is a very nice quality, early Victorian Flintlock Pocket Pistol made C 1840 by L.R. Evans of London. It is 6 3/4 inches overall with a .42" bore, screw off 2 1/4 inch barrel. It has a one piece slab grip of dark wood and clear Victorian black powder proof marks under the breech. The action is engraved on both sides with flags and the makers’ mark ’L.R. Evans’. The lock ....

£475.00 C1820 English, Steel Framed .38” Bore Flintlock Pocket Pistol With Screw Off Barrel By Hayward & Goodwin London. Sn 11484 -
This is a nice steel framed flintlock pocket pistol. The pistol is 7"overall with a 2 ½” screw off barrel. On the left side of the action it is engraved ’ Hayward & Goodwin ’. The right side ‘London’. It has a sliding safety & folding concealed trigger. The action works as it should with a strong spring. It has impressed proof /inspection marks on the underside....

£475.00 German Heavy Cavalry Sabre Etched ’Aug. Savelkoul Batavia’ & Scabbard. Sn 7927. -
This is a nice German heavy Cavalry Sabre. It has a clean single edged, fullered 34 inch Sabre blade (43" overall). The blade has a beautifully etched panel inscribed ’Aug. Savelkoul Batavia’. It’s nickel plated cross guard, voided full knuckle guard & pommel are undamaged and retain most of their nickel finish. It’s wire bound Fish skin handle is undamaged with all ....

£475.00 1912 Pattern British Officer’s Cavalry Sword By Wilkinson Sword Blade No. 53639 & Scabbard. ED 2351 -
This is an original British Officer’s 1912 pattern Sword & Scabbard. The sword has a 35 1/2" single edged blade with fuller (43 1/2" overall). The blade has some staining consistent with age & some visible foliate decorative panels on both sides. One side of the ricasso is marked with ordnance quality star and the reverse with partially visible ’Wilkinson’ manufacturer....

£475.00 Victorian, British Pattern 1827 Officer’s Sword With Etched Blade To The North York Militia By Brown & Son London & Scabbard. Sn 101111 -
This is an original 1827 Pattern Sword & Scabbard. It has a has a 32 1/2" blade (38 1/2" overall) with partial fuller. The blade is clean and beautifully etched on both sides with decorative foliate panels and banners. One side has ’Crown’ (Victoria) with Royal Cypher. The reverse has the North York Militia Badge. The ricasso has the ordnance acceptance star with inlaid roun....

£475.00 German M1871 Regimently Stamped Bayonet By P.D. Lune Schloss, Solingen, Scabbard and Leather Frog. Bayo 279 -
A very nice M1871 bayonet for the Mauser rifle. It has brass grips and a steel recurving crossguard. The blade is fullered and is stamped with the makers name "P.D. Lune Schloss Solingen". The crossguard is stamped with 2 regimental stamps, "18.R.9.132" which has a line deleting it and "R.AT.2.78" which has no line through it. The face of the crossguard has a Crown ov....

£475.00 WW1 Era Imperial German M1874 (M74) Saxon Field Artillery Sabre By Weyersberg Kirschbaum & Cie Solingen & Scabbard With Original Field Grey Paint. Sn 13432 -
All Mannschaften (other ranks) of the Imperial German Field Artillery carried Model 1874 sabres (see page 199 of World Swords by Withers). The Saxon variant differs from the Prusssian and Bavarian Artilllery sabres in that the Saxon variant has a ribbed Bakelite grip and the hilt has no langet. Also the Saxon scabbard has a single fixed hanging ring and fixed hanging bar. The sabres were carried i....

£475.00 Victorian British Royal Artillery Officer’s Sword With Etched Blade By Wilkinson London & Scabbard. ED 2127 -
An excellent WW1 Presentation Royal Artillery Officer’s Sword. It has an 34 ¾” long blade by WILKINSON, Pall Mall, London. The blade is numbered 32426 and etched with scrolling foliage, Royal Arms and Royal Artillery devices. The name of the manufacturer is faintly visible on one side of the ricasso the other side has the ordnance acceptance roundel and star. The sword has a r....

575 euro very nice Antique Dutch Officers Sword for "Schutterijen"
A very nice Antique Dutch Officers Sword for "Schutterijen", Model 1852, length 97.5 cm, in very good condition. Price 575 euro

CANADIAN TRIALS P.1864 TROOPERS SWORD: Maker: Mole, stamped on back edge by the hilt. Blade is otherwise unmarked. It is well known and documented that the major complaint of the P.1864 sword was that of the hilt which damaged the trooper’s tunics. This is a Canadian attempt to rectify that problem, by cutting away the inner edge to lessen the
chafing on the uniform. The lip of the g....

BRITISH ROYAL ENGINEER’S DRIVER’S SWORD: Blade by Schnitzler & Kirschbaum (ceased operations Circa 1864/65). Back edge is stamped CROWN over “FW” (Frederick Wilhelm) and dated 1849. The left ricasso is stamped with the Crown over “L” over “8”,the British Liege Inspector’s stamp. The 35 inch blade with cancelled BROAD ARROWS is very nice as ....

BRITISH P.1889 SERGEANT’S SWORD: Maker: Mole. Marked to the 35th Regiment of Foot, The Royal Sussex Regiment. MATCHING marks on the guard and scabbard. Brass hilt with Victorian Cartouche is a lovely plum brown. The bright, clean 32 ½ inch blade is dated AUG. 1890 and 1904 with Birmingham Proofs. Small area of light scratches on the left side. The wire-bound fish-skin grip is very goo....

CANADIAN LORNE SCOTS BROADSWORD WITH CROSSBAR HILT: Lovely 33 inch blade with the Tudor Crown over the Lorne Scots Crest on one side, the other side is etched with the Tudor Crown over the Cypher of George V. Some minor speckles on the blade. Wire-bound fish-skin grip shows a little wear. Robson P.184 & 185.

BRITISH “LEAD-CUTTING” NO. 1 P.1870: Maker: MOLE. Massive 31 inch heavy blade. Some stains otherwise excellent. The cutlass style hilt with iron grip retains much of the original black paint. These swords were used for strengthening the troopers’ arms. (Robson #233) $850.00

BRITISH P.1822/66 SERGEANT’S SWORD: Maker; MOLE. Birmingham Inspector’s stamp on the ricasso of the plain 32 ½ inch blade. Brass hilt and scabbard mounts. Wire-bound fish-skin grip is excellent. Victorian cartouche in hilt. (Robson P.217)

BRITISH P.1822 INFANTRY ADJUTANT OFFICER’S SWORD: With Cypher of William IV (1830-1837). The Pipe-back blade is excellent with etched panels of William IV on each side. Brass hilt with folding guard and cartouche of William IV, wire-bound fish-skin grip is excellent. In April 1832, adjutants were ordered to carry a steel scabbard except at Levees, and evening dress when the brass mounted bl....

Iron hilt with chevron terminal straight cross guard. Spherical pommel with baluster button. Banded iron ferrules on copper wire wrapped grip. 27 1/4" straight broad fullered s.e. blade. Uniform medium patina with frosty slight oxidation only.

Iconic form, Fischer #349, with 14” spear shaped blade engraved at the forte with a panel of abstract designs, both sides. The fine wood hilt with integral guard which is rarely found on African weapons and extensions over the blade forte. The blade root with integral spurs which shield the guard. Fine aged condition throughout. The Fang, noted for their carving in ivory, were cannibals as docum....

Sometimes known as the club knife, specifically used for the capture of slaves for the human consumption (cannibalism) market. 15 5/8” total length. Iron blade of cleaver form, finely forge with medial ridge, bordered edges and stipple crescent decoration each side. Wood grip with brass trade tape wrap. Edges worn, the balance with fine deep patina. Blade quite crisp with dark patina. Driven by ....

1897 pattern, reign of Edward VII, 1901-1910. 32 3/8” blade marked at the ricasso by esteemed maker, Robert Mole. Reverse with inset proof. The forte decorated with foliage, Arms of England, ER VII cipher and presentation panel: PRESENTED TO LIEUT. F. J. S. GRAY BY A FEW OF HIS COLLEAGUES MANOR MILLS, ASTON. MAY 1908. Pierced guard with ER VII cipher. Wire wrapped shark skin grip. Original plate....

Pattern which served through the Civil War. This example of Indian Wars and westward expansion period C.1870s. Standard pattern, Peterson #121. This example retailed by B F Foster, Chicago, of very superior quality with finely chased hilt including very unusually, the brass grip, originally plated. Original plated scabbard with fine mounts matching the hilt. Privately purchased with a stipend ....

615.00 USD One of just 648 made! RARE PRE CW US M.1840 NCO SWORD
Standard pattern carried by Union Sergeants throughout the war. This example made by COLLINS & COMPANY HARTFORD CONN and so marked at the blade base with 1851 date opposite. Collins & Co. is recorded as having produced only 648 swords of this pattern making this an extremely rare example. It is further distinguished by the three piece construction of the hilt as opposed to the cast one ....

Unique form as well with 22 1/4" rectangular (unedged) section blade of straight tapering form decorated its full length with patterns made from eye brow shaped punches. Cruciform hilt with expanded ball tipped grip. Ball tipped iron sheath with suspension mounts and brass rings. The sheath and hilt both overlaid in maroon leather comprising tooled built up segments with various tooled designs to ....

Burmese/Siamese/Indochinese, Late 19th century-1900. 40 5/8" total length. The hilt and scabbard made of segments of white metal skillfully embossed in foliage and tendrils. The pommel top as a chrysanthemum flower with central inscription. Fine 25 1/4" slightly curved s.e. wedge section blade overlaid with silver figures of nobles at various pursuits and curvilinear calligraphy. Blade clean, cris....

15 1/2” medially ridged blade with expanded tip and flared root. Well carved hilt with wheel pommel, shows fine deep glossy patina. Stipple decorated with talismanic figured each side. Black hide covered scabbard with twisted hide cord enclosure. The Luba are noted as the finest carvers and artisans on the continent and their art is coveted by collectors worldwide. Their culture collapsed in the....

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£465 Very Good Third Reich German WW2 Sword. Nickle Plated and Black Grip
The black celluloid gripped sword was, due to it´s silver and black colour combination, that perfectly complimented the black and silver livery of the SS, the pattern of German sword adopted by early SS officers, before they were granted their dedicated pattern of sword in 1936. There are numerous surviving original photographs of SS officer´s wearing the very same pattern of sword.

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£465 Scarce Prussian ´Saxony´ 1845 Pattern Fusiliers Falchion Sword
With its original leather and brass mounted scabbard, armourer sharpened blade, with makers mark at the blade forte [a knights head] for Carl Reinhardt Kirschbaum [manufacturers from 1814-62] and stamp of the monarchs cypher. A jolly nice example of these now very scarce swords used the the Franco Prussian War of 1870-71. We show a fusilier painted at the Battle of Lisaine nicely shown wearing his....

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£465 Good and Scarce Antique Malaysian Kampilan Sword
The standard kampílan is a type of single-edged long sword, used in the Philippine islands of Mindanao, Visayas, and Luzon. This unusual variant has a long 33.5 inch double edged blade more reminiscant of a European broadsword.

The kampílan has a distinct profile, with the tapered blade being much broader and thinner at the point than at its base, sometimes with a protruding spikelet ....

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£465 18th Century Moghal Sword, of the Battle of Plassey 1757
Apparently, through family legend, captured at the Battle of Plassey by a British Officer, and bought back as a war souvenir. The Battle of Plassey was an East India Company victory over the Nawab of Bengal and his French allies, establishing Company rule in India and British rule over much of South Asia for the next 190 years. The battle took place on 23 June 1757 at Palashi, West Bengal, on the ....

Bronze hilt of impressive large proportions with double shell guard. The right shell larger, which specifically identifies it as late 17th-early 18th century. Both shells profusely decorated with classical and then contemporary warrior scenes, the other hilt elements decorated to match. Original wire wrapped grip with upper turban form knot and lower ferrule, added (replaced) at the time of refurb....

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£455 Antique Mandingo Slave and Gold Traders Sword With Tattoo Skin Sheath
A slave and gold traders weapon. The Manding (Mandingo) are West African people. Their traditional sword comprises a sabre like blade, guardless leather grip and scabbard with exquisite leather work. This example is a regular sized example yet of very nice quality and finely tattooed.16 inches long curved blade, leather grip and leather scabbard with leaf shaped widening tip, entirely tooled tatto....

600 GBP elegant French officer's walking out sword made by Coulaux at Klingenthal about 1790

£450 Sind Flintlock musket
A Sind Flintlock musket

A Sind Flintlock musket 54&157; overall, 41&157; octagonal smooth bore barrel with proof mark to rear. Fitted with an East India Company flintlock dated 1817 on the tail and EIC trade mark and inspectors mark. Hardwood full stock with upturned butt and horn fore-end. Barrel retained with four engraved brass bands. With iron ramrod and scroll trigger guard.  C....

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£450 Pair of Decorative Japanese Sword Placques
Made from a full set of pre 1937 ShinGunto Officer sword fittings [complete with tsuka and ´bulls blood´ red lacquered wooden saya] that have been cut in two, equally, from ´bow to stern´ and mounted on two dark brown lacquered wooden panels. A very attractive, imaginative and most pleasing decorative effect has thus been achieved.


Currently showing 1051 to 1100 of 1785 items.

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